OMG, golf reveals character!!!

In a 5 hour round of golf you can learn more about a person than some would in knowing someone for 20 years. The beauty of the game is you can play with people of any skill level and have a BLAST!!!

What makes golf suck is 5+ hour rounds, playing with college kids that think a 6 hour round is normal, playing with someone that gives a narrative on every shot they hit. WHY WHY WHY………

The best people I’ve ever met have been through this amazing game, and my message to you is respect the game, enjoy the game, and try to never take it too seriously. Some have accused me of being a BAD LOSER, I’m sorry I do not like to lose, I like to compete and I always try to play my best.

But even at this level of competition we are usually our own worst enemy, as we get tight and upset when the game is not flowing as usual. What do you do when you are tight on the range, have no range of motion, and you know the golf on the course is going to be VERY difficult. What you MUST do is remember to not take it so seriously and enjoy the freedom of being outside in a setting that would make most intoxicated with their eyes.

I rant on about things I am passionate about on this blog. I give you the truth about my serious mishaps, and blunders, and I report the highs and lows, just like what we experience in life. Golf is very similar to life, you work hard, you get great results, and then every so often you suck at it. If you have not yet sucked at life, then you have not lived it to the fullest. I am sure many will disagree….

Perhaps my beloved brother whom reads this blog will disagree, then again maybe he agrees 100%, but would never admit it.

What makes greatness, its never going to be gauged on how much money we have, or what tournaments we have won, but more on how we lived our lives and touched people along the way. I am saying this all because recently we lost a very good man at the Olympic Club, he was a very good man, and at 51 lost his life to cancer. This always brings us back to a more grounded view of life and what is really important.

Golf is a gift to be cherished, not many get to play and enjoy the game like many of us. I could only have dreamed to have played in the places and events I have played. I soak in every minute. At the Senior Open I just sat at the lunch table watching some of the greatest players of all time walk by and gather their lunch.

My message to you today is just about life in general, and that we are all very fortunate and lucky to play a game we love and enjoy. I have been blessed to meet those I have run across in my life through this game, and every second I spend on the course with those I care about is special.

So as an amateur, competing my ass off, to be the best I can be, I need to remember this is all for fun. Its an amazing hobby, and any self-inflicted stress or yipiness is all self inflicted.

So go out and enjoy the opportunity to be free, and play some of the best courses in the world, breath the air, and remember that it can all be over in a few seconds.

That’s the Post for today- be ready for the stock pick of a lifetime!!


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