If your lazy, your chances of getting better at golf are, well slim. I read many golf articles, books and golf blogs, and many of the best lessons and drills are articulated in many different ways.

I believe this video clip of Martin Hall of Revolution Golf, is a very simple but effective drill to eliminate the “swaying” of the body back to the right (for right handers). A good golf swing is an athletic move that requires flexibility and range of motion. If you lack these, then you are most likely swaying your body back to the right to generate a back swing. There are many good exercises that can specifically help your “golf” range of motion that I will cover in future entries on this blog.

Martin in this drill provides a very easy solution to prevent swaying

Have a look

Martin Hall’s stand-wedge drill

Next up, for those of you that listened to me and bought ID Watchdog shares 18 months ago and made a 333% return, CONGRATULATIONS. But I will give all of you a look at the next opportunity that may also help your golf game in my next post.



  1. I bought at $0.14 and was delighted when it was bought at $0.40!! You the man, Randy!!

    Also, just curious why you’re not at the Senior Am this week?

    • Hi Brad,
      I sacrificed playing in the Senior Open (the qualifier first) at Royal Porthcawl, and then the Senior Amateur at Sunningdale for playing in the US Senior Am. IT IS VERY PAINFUL to NOT be playing in the US Senior am right now as my game is good. But I plan to take it out on the rest of my events this year, and capture NCGA Player of the year honors as my goal!!!

      What for the next stock tip…..probably better than IDW)))

  2. On your drug story last week, it seemed that this particular drug enhanced performance. Why is this allowed by R&A or USGA?

    • Hi Roddy,
      This drug was not a banned drug, it was just suppose to be Xanax which is used for anxiety.
      But certainly not something you want to take on the course!!

      • I understand you did take it here because of putting problems. Apparently it helped your putting/anxiety.

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