The look down the fairway at the Senior Open at Porthcawl 1st hole is quite daunting as the fairway looks like a sliver, and the wind is hitting you straight in the face at about 30mph. And of course since its the first tee shot in this major championship your heart is beating out of your chest, and its hard to pull the club back.

A video before my first tee shot on day one at the Senior Open

This is normally the 18th hole at Royal Porthcawl, and #2 is usually number 1 (a much easier hole). They route the course this way so that the large village built with all the facilities is near the new 1st hole, and all the practice facilities.

But if you look at the stroke average of this hole, it was one of the toughest holes on the course, despite only being 425 yards downhill. Everyday this hole played into a very strong wind, and was about a 3-4 club wind into the green. If you made a four on this starting hole, you were off to a great start!

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