Right looking out my window its raining sideways with 25-35 mph winds. At 3:40 when I tee off its suppose to be even worse. I am not sure how they are going to get much TV coverage with this weather.

Golf is a VERY expensive sport, and when you are playing in these events you rack up tens of thousands of dollars in expenses. BUT what else would you ever want to spend you money on, when you love this game, you love to compete, and you have a chance to do something that you once could only dream about.

I am living this dream, the dream has many episodes of bitter defeat, struggles and challenges to over come, but that is no different than life itself. Today I will need to stay patient and know that my tournament is about making the cut, and being low amateur in this event. I believe I have a solid strategy, but putting side saddle in high winds is very difficult. I will do my best!!

I will write to you later about my experience today, I’m sure it will be a battle for 5 hours.

Career record in the Senior Open

Stay Tuned


  1. Randy, could I please donate to help cover your golf expenses.

    • NO thanks Bobby, I don’t want to lose my amateur status, but maybe you could give me a golf lesson?
      Thanks much

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