Move your body for better Golf

Over my 40+ year amateur  career I have tried many forms of physical and mental training to give me the best chance to play golf at a level that I aspire to play at.

I have benefitted from Pilates, Egoscue, Bikrim yoga, self hypnosis, and many others. Now I have found someone called “the body whisperer”

This short video below only gives you a tidbit about what Erin can do for you and your body.

Her website address is 

Erin Burch – Body Whisperer

Golf is a game that requires you to move your body, I believe Erin’s method is the best I’ve ever seen

Stay tuned

2 Comments on “Move your body for better Golf

  1. This looks great Randy!

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward
    To checking it out. Wonderful video!


    Group Exercise Manager
    The Olympic Club
    524 Post Street
    San Francisco Ca. 94105

    • Rebecca, thank you for your comment and checking this out. It is a “game changer”I believe!!
      All the best,

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