Face-On Putting

Soon I will post a review of ALL the Side Saddle putters I can find in the marketplace, and how to acquire one!

Much has been written about this unusual technique lately due to Bryson DeChambeau’s using this method on the PGA tour. Its unknown if he will continue to putt this way after some issues with its legality, more on that later.

Please read this article that was featured in the Winter edition of the NCGA Golf magazine. It will give you some good information on why this technique is considered superior by Bryson.

Face-On Putting with Bryson DeChambeau and Mike Schy


Those that commit themselves to putt using the superior Binocular Vision advantage will gain a more consistent way of putting if you take the time to re-calibrate your feel for speed on lengthy putts.

The start of the 2017 season began on Feb 27th in the USGA Four Ball qualifier at Sunnyside in Fresno (50 teams for 2 spots in the championship). By the 13th hole I made my 6th birdie of the round, which included made putts of 10 6 35 30 20 and 8 feet. The tragedy was making a team bogey on the par 5 18th hole, and going from medalist to 1st alternate. This game can be cruel sometimes, but don’t let you putter be weakest part of your game that lets you down under pressure. Together we can fix your putting woes, and make it your greatest weapon!!

Stay tuned for more on the best Side Saddle putters on the market, and please give me your comments.

18 Comments on “Face-On Putting

  1. Cupcake………looking forward to your putter recommendations….hurry!

    wonder if we could get the T/made folks to stick a long shaft into their new head that Dustin Johnson etc etc are using………any thoughts?

    love ya…..denny

    • DC
      The TMAG guys don’t view the Face On market as a legit size to care yet, so we continue to see the garage built putters coming out. I DO HAVE A NEW BOBBY GRACE putter that I think you will enjoy trying out, amongst my other relics I’ll have on display!!!
      Best to you and Blonde))

  2. Randy, I’d seriously take a look at the new Inazone Heavy putter heads! I got one on ebay for $25 and put a long (41″ for my size) shaft and it has been the most solid and best feeling face-forward (I call it Tru-Vu putting after my ebook title) putter I’ve had to date by far. Face-balanced and extremely solid feel across the face. 500gram head weight which I think might help your recent putting woes? Best value for the money to boot!

  3. Randy,

    I am holding off buying my new putter while I await your reviews and expert advice. Any thoughts on when you will post your feedback?

    Thanks in advance for your good work.


    • Thanks Scott,
      I will be posting my results in three weeks once I have all the putters to review. I promise it will be worth the wait!!
      All the best

      • Just curious is there is a new time table for your reviews, thanks.

      • I’ve done the video work, not I just need to time to write it all up, it should be this week.
        Thanks for your patience

      • Randy – I’ve been a side saddle putter for many years, and have a closet full of putters that I’ve used over that time (starting with an old wing-shaped STX). I’ve recently switched to a Cure RX4, and really like it. The company doesn’t offer a long enough shaft, but the design of the putter allows for the shaft to be easily replaced and lie angle adjusted to 80 degrees (The shaft sits in a ¼” x 1” disc – which the company sells – with the disc held in place by six screws, which permits the lie angle to be adjusted). The weight of the head can also be adjusted. Nice design.


  4. Hi Randy
    I have an old STX sync 3 long putter that I would like to try but it appears that it has too flat a lie angle to do the pendulum I see you showing.
    Any idea how to get the lie more upright? Will it need redrilling and reenacting do you think?

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. You have several options, you can shave the bottom of the toe so that the putter lies better when using this technique. As I have bought many of these putters on Ebay, all of the lie angles have been all over the place. You could buy another if you do not want to meet with altering the one you have. Additionally I will be writing a review soon on all of the Side Saddle putters that I have found on the market. I’d wait to see if there is perhaps a better option for you. I am finding new options all the time and I believe there may be a better face on putter than the STX, but to date I have not found one. More later!!

  5. Randy,you have mentioned a Schaffer putter do you have a contact phone or email?Secondly how do establish your ball position.Thanks

    • Thanks for your comment, soon I will have a full review of all the side saddle putters available and how to obtain one. The Schaeffer putter is still in production and will soon be available. I will keep you posted and please keep an eye on the blog!
      All the best,

  6. I’ve got 2 sidesaddle putters I use at the moment, both of which are excellent!! Bobby Grace’s “Let’s Face It” sidesaddle putter and a Seemore SB1 that I had them build to my specs (46″ long, 80 degree lie angle, 0 degrees of face loft). I don’t think anyone could go wrong with either of these putters. The Juan Putter is a good option too.

  7. Hope all is well Randy! I’ve been putting side saddle for a few years now and curious to see your reviews on the putters. I am currently using a Ping g2i c10, cut down to 43 inches. I hold it the same way you do (by studying your videos), but I still know it isn’t quite the right putter. I would be interested in talking it over with you. We have met in the past, but it has been a long time.

  8. Should a side saddle putter be made specifically for that stroke or can I reshaft my old regular putter? The SS putters I have bought on line I don’t like the look and feel. Where do I find the TSX, bow tie?

    • Look back at a previous post I did on a review of all side saddle putters
      You can find the bow tie STX on Ebay
      Let me know how it goes
      All the best

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