Bryson D. officially changes to Side Saddle Putting, but will it work?

Well, I already told you back in June this was eventually going to happen, and until Bryson has some success putting this way, he will have many critics. But I say, screw them all for their unkind comments about Bryson. Most people don’t have 1/10 the brains and talent this kid has, let alone the balls to be different and not care what others say and think.

I believe its refreshing, and I believe Bryson to be a fine young man, with a VERY bright career ahead of him. Face on putting has been around for a long time, and possibly originated with Sam Snead (later baned when he straddled the line), but now its legal as long as you are to the side of the line of putt, and have less than 80 degrees of angle coming out of the putter shaft.

I believe that Bryson will win putting Face On, and it will begin a revolution of players trying this technique, but most will abandon it, as it is NOT a QUICK FIX!!!

Bryson in the news

More on Side Saddle putting once I am back from Thailand where I just completed competing in the World Club Championship, representing the Olympic Club.


6 Comments on “Bryson D. officially changes to Side Saddle Putting, but will it work?

  1. Randy

    Oh my ……you in Thailand without your parents?

    The little ladies have no chance.

    Bet you lose 30 lbs

    Have fun!


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  2. I am a 73-year-old front-on putter (using an Aussie Pendulum) in Sydney Australia. I play off 13 and rarely have more than 25 putts a round — I even chip front-on and regularly hole out. I agree with Randy .and hope that Bryson persists.
    I have been told Adam Scott’s father — a leading PGA club pro in his day — has putted front-on at times and also has ordered and used one-length clubs from the US One Iron company.
    I believe Randy has been the leading amateur at three of the past four British Senior Opens putting front-on and that’s enough validation for me.

    • To Bill Colhoun and Randy–

      Hi Bill, I read your post from 12/10/16 and was intrigued with your reference to “front on” chipping. How do you chip front on? What type of club do you use and does that club have unique specs or is it a stock club? Is there anyway I could get Bill’s email to continue a direct conversation? If amenable, perhaps Randy you can forward my email to Bill? It is ……


      Jeff (from Chicago suburbs)

  3. Great post, I don’t think its smart for a 1st or 2nd year Tour player with zero PGA Tour wins to switch to side saddle putting…I just don’t think thats a change a player at his stage of his career would wisely make.

    • Bryson has been putting side saddle for some time now, and did it in some amateur events. He is ready to win in 2017 putting this way, don’t be surprised at what this kid is capable of doing!!

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