Posted by: randyhaaggolf | November 28, 2016


Check out this YouTube link and you’ll see a couple types of STX putters available. Mine is 43.5″ long, and I am 6’0″ tall. I would not recommend a longer putter, as you need to be over your ball with your chin close to the top of the putter.



  1. Don’t you mean 43.5? I’m 5’11” and would have to bend down quite a bit to set my chin over 34.5 putter.

    PS. I own 2 STX SYNC bow tie putters. A 44″ with black insert and 43″ with red. I also have a STX SYNC SS7 43″ I plan on auctioning at least two of them soon unless someone is interested. Feel free to contact me.

    • I may be interested in your putters, what would you sell them both for (package deal)?

    • I did mean 43″ sorry

    • how much do you want for the black bow tie putter…is it a straight shaft or bent shaft?

      • Hi Gerry,
        I’d sell you the STX Black bow putter for $100 if you’d like?
        Sorry for the delayed response!
        Randy Haag

      • Oh its a straight shaft!!

  2. Randy, your putters look more like 40”. They come up to your belly button.

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    • Hi Joe,
      That was a blunder on my part, I meant to say 43.5 inches not 34.
      Sorry for the confusion

  3. Hi Randy
    I have been putting side saddle for 35 years; I use the ping B90 at 46 inches. Lately I have experimented with a 34 inch long B90 using it like Bryson Dechambeau and I think that Bryson’s method may work better for me then my old method which is like you putt side saddle. Have you ever used the Ping B90 putter, if you have what did you think of it?


    • Hi Stan,
      I have not tried it yet!!

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