If you think the players that win in golf, at any level are spending the winter sitting on the couch watching re-runs of “I LOVE LUCY” think again. Golf in this day and age of advanced fitness, requires you to push yourself to your physical limits, to achieve maximum and optimal range of motion, flexibility and especially speed. Not to mention the mental edge that comes with it.

Not to toot my own horn, but playing against the senior amateurs, I am significantly longer than most of my peers, which gives me a huge advantage on the longer or wet courses. Recently the USGA Senior Amateur was played at the 7,000 yard Old Warson course that had just been drenched with a couple inches of rain. Even though the USGA moved the tees way forward for the qualifying rounds, my length helped me qualify 4th, while being in contention the whole time for medalist. Against the guys I played with, it was common that I would have a short iron to a green, while they had long irons and rescue clubs. You cannot compete at this level if you lose your speed, so DON’T you don’t have to!!!

Some will say, we’ll thats just the way your built, or you have always been long, and my reply is NO NO NO, you can always maximize your length with proper training, especially working with a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) trainer. If you choose not to, then you will see a fairly dramatic drop off in club head speed each year as you near 50 and then 60. So get OFF YOUR ASS this winter and seek out help. Get your body measured for a proper training regime, and don’t just go to the gym and do a few weights and a little cardio, that is a complete WASTE OF TIME!!!

Oh and yes, since this is my own personal golf blog, I do not sell advertisements here, so I just rant about what I am passionate about. And yes there will be a lot more here on fitness and side saddle putting. And more on the last two events of the year, the California Senior Amateur in November, and the World Golf Championship in Thailand in December.




For those of you paying attention, this is officially the IDW enrollment season for 2017 revenue. The company has in the past given us guidance in mid Jan as to the approximate numbers for the new year. So in about 75 days we all should know the approximate revenue guidance for 2017.


Typically the stock rallies in the last two months of the year, in anticipation of the new numbers, which we are seeing now. The attached research report estimates the 2017 revenue to be in the $14M range, while others believe it will be quite a bit higher, perhaps even closer to the 2018 number of $18M. Even with these conservative estimates, this Trickle Research reports targets the stock at $0.42 a share in 12-24 months. If you have not read this report, perhaps now is a good time to understand more about this dynamic, stable and growing business and industry.


I am not promote or hype this very small company and its very thinly traded stock, I am just suggesting that with a potential 250% gain in 12-24 months (stock going from $.16 to $.42), that perhaps now is the LAST chance to acquiring shares under $0.20. I am fairly certain that you won’t see a Fiscal 2017 revenue number below $14M, but more likely a number closer to $18M-$20M. And if that happens, then what would this stock be valued at? We have a classic case here of a company becoming deleveraged, with increasing cash flow and margins.


If you believe in this business, then share this opportunity with others you care about. The risk at this point is NOT to own any IDW. And even at $0.20 a share this is a very reasonable price point based on the company’s revenue, growth and earnings. Even if we are to take the 2018 earnings of $0.022 and take a 15 times earnings multiple, you’d have a double at $0.33 a share. With Hilary Clinton as our next President, I am not sure may stocks on the major exchanges will even be higher than they are today, just a hunch)


As far as future liquidity, who knows, my best guess would be someone would want to own this crown jewel piece of business as the Employee Benefit business is VERY sticky, and very reliable as an ongoing revenue stream.


My own personal disclosure, yes I own shares of IDW. No the company is not paying me to write this to you. I am passionate about IDW, their future, and making sure people I care about enjoy the ride!!


When I first started writing about buying shares in IDW it was at around $.0.05 a share, it’s still very attractive at this level using any metric of valuation. Once the new numbers are announced in Jan, I anticipate that IDW will trade in the mid to high .20’s.

See page 15 of the research report for the revenue projections!!











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