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The Secret to Success in the Putting game

Side saddle article

This Wall Street article is a little old now, but the same principles still apply to this soon to be VERY popular technique. If your interested in trying Side Saddle putting, leave me a message and I can help you get started. I believe that Bryson D. will soon be the best Side Saddle putter in the world, I certainly hope so!!

Stay tuned!!

10 Comments on “MORE ON Side Saddle Putting

  1. Hey randy,
    Where do you go about finding a putter for this. Im fairly interested because on long to any putt im uncomfortable over i just end up looking at the hole so it sounds like something I’d like.
    Thanks, Danny

    • Hi Danny,
      Make sure you subscribe to my blog so that when I post information about where you can find these putters, you’ll get it. Ebay is a possible source for acquiring an STX Side Saddle putter.
      Stay in touch and let me know how I can help you

      • When you are on the fringe do you alter your technique since rules allow croquet style?

      • Hey Tuck,
        I don’t alter much when on the fringe, I am aware you could straddle your line, but that would be awkward as I never practice that technique. Putting off the fringe can be challenging however!!

      • Hi Randy,
        I appreciate your blog and when I am looked at like a screwball I think of you beating everyone with your face on putter and it makes it easier for me to face the harassment! I am relatively new to side saddle and have a Bobby grace let’s face it putter any experience with that one? Curious if your stx putter was specifically for face on putting or if you modified it and if so, what your specs are. Thanks

      • Thank you for your great comment, I hope you will subscribe to my blog, and get others here as well. YES the STX was built for side saddle putting only. The length is 43.5″ and is a GREAT putter for side saddle. Keep me posted how you are doing and never give up on this great method!!
        All the best over the holidays
        Randy Haag

  2. Randy, I ordered the TPX you use and recently started messing around with it on the green. I need some guidance. I’m in chicago and a 1 handicap that should be + when I start putting better. I believe it’s the best way to putt hands down and need to work on it this winter. I can only find a 1 minute video on the importance of the left hand grip. I’d love to see a more in depth training video. Do you have something like this?

    • Hello Justin,
      Going back in my blog there are many videos on Side Saddle putting including if you go to YouTube and type in my name Randy Haag. Stick with it, it will pay dividends!!
      Let me know if you have any other questions- oh and I think you meant STX putter?
      Have you subscribed to my blog?
      All the best,

    • Its not illegal, but they would like everyone to putt with some tilt in the shaft. The challenge is having the putter sit up on the toe.

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