Thousand of golfer are looking for a better way to putt since the “anchor” ban has gone into effect. Many are considering FaceOn/Siddle Saddle putting as an option. Its a GREAT option, but NOT a quick fix. I started putting FaceOn in 1997, and have won over 100 amateur tournaments during this period, I was DONE with golf putting conventional, and it saved me from probably quitting the game. If you cannot putt, why dedicate your time and effort to something that always ends in frustration.

I will say that since 2012, I’ve struggled with the FaceOn putting only because there is a YIP at impact, yes even putting FaceOn I’ve had to make significant adjustments. Even this past weekend while competing in the 36 hole final of the Olympic Club Championship, I had to only two putt from 30 feet on the 18th hole to secure the championship. I putt FaceOn but with my eyes closed, and in this high pressure situation I was not able to roll the first putt the proper distance and watched it all end in a heartbreaking loss. I’m telling you about this  because its all part of the game, and the situation changes from day to day.

But I will say that from 1997-2012 my putting was my greatest weapon and that I rarely ever had an average day pf putting. Many many players tried this strange looking method after watching me putt, but failed because they were all looking for a quick fix. THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX!! You need to dedicate many months to develop the feel in the long putts and find the right FaceOn putter. Now there is a VERY good choice with the new Bobby Schaeffer putter, that will probably see the first PGA tour win secured by Bryson DeChambeau using this putter. So now we have better FaceOn instruction and a few decent options to consider with the many FaceOn putters available. In the future I plan to write about all of the FaceOn putters I have run across that are available, so STAY TUNED.

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Mastering the short putts FACEON





16 Comments on “FACEON PUTTING 101

  1. Can’t wait to watch the videos. I just won my club championship and my face on putting was talk of the club. Look forward to meeting you next year somewhere on the amateur circuit.

    • Thanks for you comments, and Congrats on your victory!!
      Lets def meet and exchange FaceOn notes!!
      What putter are you using?
      All the best

      • I’ve been using the Yar putter. I am interested in Bobby’s new putter (the Schaff) given its heavier weight and smaller head that comes close to the right foot during the back stroke. This head may enable a shorter backswing for longer putts and facilitate solid contact. Doc Hox

      • You are 100% correct!!
        Make sure to subscribe to my blog, so you do not miss when the Schaffer putter is released!!
        Please stay in touch and thanks for your comment!!
        All the best,

  2. Using STX now. Started with SeeMore SB sidesaddle, then tried a left handed TM Ghost. I noticed your right foot is about even with ball mine is usually few inches behind ball.

  3. Really enjoy the blog Randy. Just wondering if you could tell me more about Bobby Schaeffer and his putter. Google doesn’t get me anywhere. Thanks!

    • Thanks KC,
      Stay tuned, more on the Schaff putter, as its not in production yet, it is quite good, and I believe thousands will end up using it one day!!

  4. I have drunk the kool aid and am on the hunt for a proper face-on putter. Which ones that are available now do you like and what are the specs?

    • Hi Jon,
      Good to have you aboard, and many more will follow. You may want to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss any information on Side Saddle putting in the future. I use the STX (you can find on Ebay now and then) also Bobby Schaffer will be introducing a great SSP soon. For that keep an eye on my blog.
      All the best,

  5. randy,
    I have been using face on putting with a reeso putter off and on for about a year. I was missing many short putts and I figured out I was trying to hit the ball and not finishing the stroke. just won the senior club championship and bear creek in Murrieta ca and came in 4th in the mens club championship.
    my brother was written up by pelz as the best side saddle putter he ever saw. he was awesome. he also had the stx, same as yours. I like the idea of the gp predone putter since you can stand it straight up and putt.
    live in southern cal and would love to meet with you

    • Hi Gary,
      Great to hear from you!!
      I also would love to meet with you!!
      I may be coming down to the TaylorMade Kingdom to get my annual new set of sticks (everything except a new putter).
      You are 100% correct, you cannot just hit the putt, the stroke needs to finish down the line, creating a pure roll.
      Have you subscribed to my golf blog yet? If not, please do as you will get more info on Sidesaddle putting in the future. I look forward to meeting you!!
      All the best,
      Randy Haag

      • Randy,

        when is your timing to go to Taylor made. I would come over to Carlsbad after you are done to meet with you.


      • You could meet me there at 3:30, as I should be done then, just come to the front desk and ask for me.
        I am there this coming Tuesday at 1:30, come anytime you’d like.

  6. Randy first let me start off by thanking you for making golf fun agin. It’s not so frustrating anymore and I’v become in my eye’s a great putter! Thanks to you and your side saddle putting tips and techniques on your video’s in about 1 year i’ve lowered my handicap from a 7 to a 1.2!!!! It’s a phenomenal way to putt! It really has changed my game all around!! Once I started making putts my confidence level went through the roof and that just wasn’t on the putting surface it gave me confidence in all aspects of the game if that makes sense. I I feel like I’m going to make everything and I owe it all to you because I don’t think it would have happened without your Technique! So sir I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I was very close to quitting! I’m not too far from you at all here in Stockton California in the valley And now I have a legitimate chance of winning my Club Championship hopefully a few of them! Anyways thank you again! I have one question for you how can I get my hands on a Bobby Schaeffer side saddle putter??

    • Hi Dustin, I greatly appreciate your comment, and its people like you that make me keep writing this crazy blog. I hope your putting gets better and better, and let me know if I can help you in any way!

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