I’m pretty sure most of you are more familiar with the first two on the list, but the last one is personal, and important to me. Currently you can see that Dale Bouguennec has a slight lead with only a few events left on the calendar.


Last weekend I entered an event that normally I would not play in (no offense) the San Jose City Championship. It was a very well run tournament and I enjoyed it very much. Results below.

San Jose Senior City Results

So now things get VERY interesting, as we have the 200 point Senior State Fair at Mather this weekend, which will go a long way in deciding this years NCGA Senior Player of the Year. After this weekend, I am playing in the USGA Senior amateur in St. Louis at Old Warson, which honestly is not point heavy, and Dale will be playing in the NCGA Valley Am a two day stroke event with 300 points available for the winner. So what will I do about that? Once I make match play in the USGA Senior amateur I will only get 70 points, and will need to keep winning to stay ahead, or catch up depending on this weekend. If I happen to lose my Monday match (round of 64), I will be on a flight home on Monday evening so I can tee it up on Tuesday morning in Roseville at Morgan Creek to play for the title.

I guess some would ask, why do you even care? And that is often hard to answer, and the answer lies in your heart, and what’s important to you in life, whether its big or small, we all need goals and things to play and fight for. This is a friendly spirited competition between two players having great years in senior amateur golf. In this year of 2016 I have won the SF City Senior Championship, won the NCGA senior four ball, won the NCGA Match Play Championship, won the US Senior Open Qualifier, played in the USGA Four Ball, qualified for the USGA Senior Amateur, led the Senior British amateur thru 30 of 54 holes. And last weekend added the San Jose City to my list of wins. So yes, I do care about being player of the year, and I love to compete!!

My next few blogs will cover the player of the year race, the USGA Senior amateur, and some new information on FACEON PUTTING that you won’t want to miss.

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  1. Hello Randy, I had the honor of meeting you and teeing it up with you in round one at the concord city last week, I wished I had played a little better but also wished I had more time to talk with , particularly about the putter and how it helped with the “yips” that are plaguing my short game right now. You strike me as a humble but driven individual , play well in September , I’m pulling for ya! Regards. Chris

    • Chris is was great to meet you. I actually think Side Saddle Putting would be a great option for you. You can subscribe to this golf blog, and then you’ll get all the new information on Side Saddle Putting coming up.
      All the best, and I look forward to our next round of golf!!

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