Dustin Johnson (DJ) has been destined for greatness in the game of golf for a very long time. He’s knocked on the major’s door many times, enduring some of the most bitter defeats imaginable. And yes, yesterday seemed like it would again be one of those days for him after the USGA decided to revisit the moving ball situation.

I give Dustin HUGE kudos of praise for how he handled the situation, and how he closed out this US OPEN. Everyone is down on the USGA, but I say wait a minute, these volunteers and gate keepers to the game, are only doing what’s protocol in these situations, and I would agree that Dustin’s putter grounded very close to his ball had a better chance of causing this ball to move than gravity. What I question is the USGA approaching Dustin while on the course that we will revisit this situation when you finish your round. Everyone would have been better off knowing what exactly the deal was, is it a penalty or not. Nothing was going to change with Dustin once he finished his round, he had already told the USGA that he did not feel he caused the ball to move period.

I hope this situation will be cleaned so players won’t have to play in a major not knowing how they stand if this comes up again. That’s the part I disagree with, they should have just said, Dustin, after further review we believe you caused the ball to move, and hence adding a stroke penalty to your score. Then OK, he moves on with grit and determination to close the deal. But DJ was just playing too good to be denied this year, and I am sure this was the sweetest moment in his young life.

I worked with Dustin for a week at Olympic Club in 2012, and saw the talent up close and personal. But at that time in 2012, I did not feel he was 100% polished and ready to win a major. YES he had the shots and the touch, but when he left a ball in a tree on his second hole of the 2012 Open on #11 at Olympic, he lost his fight.

Unless you were inside the ropes at the Open, you have no appreciation for how penal the rough and bunkers were on this course. YOU COULD NOT BE ERRANT OFF THE TEE!!! I believe it was the toughest, thickest rough I’ve ever seen at any event. Which makes the -4 score even more remarkable. My hats off to Dustin, and perhaps this will open the floodgates for many more Majors now that the monkey is officially off his back!!

The videos below are all about some different kind of swings that are among the best in the world. The second video has a swing from the champ, you can see just how powerful he looks from behind. What I took away from the best power swings in the world, is that when they load at the top, the stay in a very crouched position with their legs, and Jason and Rory actually squat even further into their stance as they start their downswing transition. These guys have VERY powerful lower bodies, and the speed they generate is not from arm strength, its the core and lower body that generate the power in the lag. Give it a try!!


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