Posted by: randyhaaggolf | June 17, 2016


I had the opportunity to be standing right next to Rory on the driving range, before he tee it up day one yesterday. What I noticed is the squat position he dips into when he gets loaded at the top. This is a VERY athletic position, one that many cannot successfully pull off. He was absolutely stripping the ball, especially with his driver and 3 medal. He is a rather shy chap, as he says hello in a very low tone. I like this guy a lot, he is great for the game, and I hope tomorrow he fires a 65 to get back into the mix. Enjoy these slow mo’s of his amazing swing, and notice how active his lower body is throughout the entire swing. These guys have a ball flight like I have never seen before, and its no mystery why they are the best in the world. STAY TUNES FOR MORE FROM INSIDE THE ROPES



  1. I think I know how Rory could shoot +7 with that swing. He needs to hire you to teach him how to putt side-saddle.

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