I will certainly get back to the rest of the holes at Oakmont later today. But wanted to give all of you side saddle putting fans some good news. The reigning US Amateur champion and super-star Bryson Dechambeau WILL be putting side saddle on the PGA tour once he secures his PGA Tour card, which could be after the US Open if he makes over $400,000.

I’ve known Bryson since he was 6 years old, his dad Jon is a golfing friend of mine. I followed Bryson’s career closely as he developed into one of the finest players in the world. Yesterday we were on the range with him, and I must admit I have never seen anyone stand so close to the ball while hitting an iron. On Sunday we caught up to Bryson on the 16th hole, and was greeted by getting a bear hug from this strong and affable nice young man. He is not lacking confidence, and believes he will win soon on the PGA tour, if not this week at the US Open.

I asked Bryson about his Masters experience, and his eyes lit up and passionately he said “Randy, I could have won the Masters” he felt things needed to slow down for him prior to hitting those fatal errant tee shots on the 18th hole on day 2.  But lets get back to the putting. He told me on the 16th green at Oakmont that I would not be the only one using the BEST putting method available. Remember this is a very smart kid, that uses math and equations to pretty much figure out everything he does. Personally I cannot wait to see what happens once Bryson wins on tour using the Face on Method. Perhaps I will be considered one of the grandfathers of the face on method (I hope not).

I have some other great tidbits for you in my next post, as we played nine holes with Jason Day, and I have a close up slow motion video of his amazing swing. If you like this coverage of the US OPEN, please share this with your friends. Check out Bryson’s swing below, this was a driver to the drivable 17th hole, which I believe will actually play over par in this years Open. STAY TUNED


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