Last week I arrived for the start of the Coleman, a top amateur tournament played every year in late April at the famed Seminole course in Juno Beach Florida. After completing my practice round, I decided I better dedicate some time to my ever evolving short game. Seminole has a great short game practice area, and as I started me session in the sweltering heat, up from behind me I could hear someone approaching. Much to my surprise it was an elderly gentleman wearing a long sleeved white shirt, white pants and hat. YES it was Gary player, who at age 80 decided to hit a few extra shots after his round. What he didn’t anticipate was someone like me to ask him for his magical secrets to his short game. I was blown away impressed with Gary’s kindness, intensity, and knowledge of the game. Just a few of his grip changes have already helped me.

Only towards the end when a few others showed up, did I get a chance to take any video, as he was focused on me primarily after I asked him “hey Gary, can you show me that shot”. And BOY did he show us all a few shots. He also spoke of many of the legendary great players and his feeling about where they stand in history. He also started by telling us that if given the chance to give  Jordan Spieth a lesson, to fix his swing, he would be perhaps the greatest ever to play the game. Gary feels like Joran Spieth has probably one of the best putting games, golf has ever seen.

Hearing about Gary global success, all the places he traveled too while also maintaining a very large family life, was most interesting to hear about. I have great respect and admiration for this fine gentleman!


I thought it would be fun to share a few of these short videos of Gary in action!!

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Gary talking about the Phil flop shot

Passionate Gary Player

GARY PLAYER Strengthens the grip for higher shots

Gary weakens the grip for running low shots

Gary with the Chop Shot


  1. Randy what a terrific blog post! Thanks so much for sharing this delightful lesson and dialogue you had with all time great Gary Player. I have a feeling Jordan’s lesson with Gary may manifest quickly. Remind me to tell you about that next time I see you!

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