Tomorrow will conclude the historic 100th San Francisco City Championship. The weather again will be less than ideal with rain and high winds forecast. The “City” has moved to a younger mans game, as the last ten champions have either been in High School or in College. This years final will be no different, with fellow Olympian Daniel Connolly the 13th seed, facing the long hitting Noah Sheikh the 10th seed.

The Championship flight final will be a 36 hole grind, beginning at 7:30 am. I am quite sure that Daniel’s army of supporters will be out early in the wind and rain in support of this very fine player and young man. I have personally had the pleasure to watch Daniel mature into the fine player he is today. I have not met Noah yet, but I’m sure I will meet him tomorrow.

The Senior Final will pit Myself (Randy Haag) against the steady Dean Prince from Chico. Dean today defeated one of the best match play players in the history of Northern California, Gary Vanier. I believe Gary has played in a total of 10 City Finals (between the Championship flight and Senior flight) Gary did not have his typical strong game today, and Dean took him down 5&3. Dean has already taken down some of the strongest players, starting with Terry Foreman in extra holes in round one.

Today I played Jim Williams who has advanced to the finals the past 4 years. Our match was very tight, with no lead beyond one up, until I decided to hit driver on the par 4 16th hole (playing downwind) when I drove the green to set up a winning birdie on the hole to go two up. It was by no means my best golf or Jim’s, but the conditions played a major role in that.

After paying an entry fee of $150 for the qualifier, and then $80 for green fees 4 times for another $320, tomorrow thanks to the GLOBAL GOLF POST, I will not be adding to this total. My goal for next year will be to assist this tournament back to Harding Park, without these daily green fees for each round played. I will be writing more about the HOW later!!

SLOW PLAY………OMG why would it take 5 hours to play match play, especially when short putts are being conceited? Its killing the game, and the fun of playing tournament golf. I have written about this many times in the past, and will continue to as long as this serious problem continues to plague the game we love. I watch some players go through such unnecessary routines, that only hurt their game. 5 hours is a VERY long time to be waiting in the wind and rain to play golf, and officials should have stop watches timing players that are slowing the whole field up. All it takes is one inconsiderate person playing slow, to ruin it for everyone!!

I will write more about the Final match tomorrow, but for today, I want to again thank the support of the Global Golf Post, the SF City Tournament committee members and the NCGA volunteers out refereeing our matching, especially in these weather conditions. And to you SF Park & Rec, shame on you for not supporting this historical event, and for forcing  the “City” away from its home, Harding Park.

Stay Tuned



  1. Hi Randy

    To be fair it’s Park and Rec “admin” that makes the financial decisions. Our maintenance crew at Harding have worked our socks off this week cleaning all the debris from the storms to give you the best possible product and experience we could. We never get any credit for that but always get lumped in with the powers to be

    Kevin Reavey


    • Kevin, I greatly appreciate your comments and you’re absolutely correct, you guys do an incredible job the course was in amazing shape yesterday even after all the rain and the heavy winds. I plan to rectify my oversight in my next posting, thank you for reading my blog

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