As we all get older, we go through the pain of seeing more and more of the people that we have loved and respected pass on. On December 17, 2015 we lost amateur golfing legend Ray Pellegrini. Ray’s life revolved around his love for golf, and his daily battle against diabetes and its complications. I know how much Ray suffered his whole life from the effect of this terrible disease, and how he had to live a different kind of life. Its a constant reminder how lucky we are to be healthy and not have to deal with daily injections, bags attached to our body and constant monitoring blood sugar levels.

Ray was quite a historian of the game, countless times at his favorite hangout, Hot Dog Bills at the OC Driving range, Ray would remember certain shots that players hit in the SF City or Cal State amateurs, that moved him. Ray in his prime was considered to be one of the very best to ever play the game in Northern California. I will always think of him as a very kind person that loved everything about golf and competing. As his disease limited his ability to play, he reduced his schedule of events to ONLY include the SF City, over the past 20 years, his favorite event in the world. Ray has a record in the San Francisco City that I believe will never be broken, or even closely touched. Ray played in the SF City for over 40 years, and made match play an astonishing record 40 years in a row (top 64 qualifiers make match play from a qualifier that once had as many as 300 players in the field).

This is the events historic 100th SF City and is being conducted in Ray Pellegrini’s honor. I could not be happier, I loved Ray, his spirit and love for the game. Ray also won multiple club championships at the Olympic club among many others prestigious events throughout Northern California.

You can see more about Ray’s life and career by clicking on this link that is on the Sf City Golf Championships website. http://www.sfgolfchampionship.com/ray-pellegrini.html

Its a very important and special year for the SF City, its 100th running of one of the countries oldest and most participated amateur tournament in the world. Anyone that has any historic articles about the SF City are asked to email them to SF City Committee member Steve Lewis at stevelewis@stevelewisgallery.com.

There is an important past champions dinner on February 25th at Harding Park that is important for us to find these past champions and make sure they know about this dinner. The dinner is also open to anyone that would like attend to hear more on the history of this great event. Listed below are the past champions that include legendary players like Ken Venturi, Harvie Ward and six time mens champion and  3 time senior champion Gary Vanier.

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Previous Champions

                                 Men                                               Women                                        Senior
​2015             Justin Suh                                   Sara Banke                                 Gary Vanier
2014            Shintaro Ban                             Cassie Cathrea                           Jim Williams
2013             Will Brueckner                          Cassie Cathrea                           Gary Vanier               
2012              Cody Blick                               Alexandra Wong                        Jim Williams
2011           Brandon Hagy                              Hannah Suh                              Mark Miller
2010      George Gandranata               Samantha Esguerra                     Herb Jensen
2009        Carlos Briones                               Bonnie Hu                                 Gary Vanier
2008         Martin Trainer                            Emily Childs                                 Jim Knoll
2007            Chad Cocco                                 Diane Kwon                               Carl Selkirk
2006         Will Johnson                                 Diane Kwon                               Jeff Early
2005        Michael Wilson                           Sally Krueger                        Robert Thompson
2004       Steve Sparolini                           Sally Krueger                               Earl Stewart
2003      Rick Reinsberg                             Eva Monisteri                               Bob Callan
2002         Mike Schmitz                               M. Peterson                                   Bob Olds
2001         James Hay                                 Eden Anderson                     Marshall Gleason
2000       Nick Ushijima                           Martha Burkard                      Earl Stewart
1999          Randy Haag                                R Kim Welch                         Jim McMurtrey
1998         Scott Watson                           Dorothy Delasin                        Tom Culligan
1997        Dave Parsons                            Sally Krueger                            John Cranston
1996          Jim Evans                                  Sally Krueger                         Vic Santa Maria
1995          Jim Evans                                  Jae Jean Ro                              Fred Strebel
1994         Gary Vanier                                Linda Segre                                  Jim Ono
1993        Joey Cabrera                              Linda Segre                                Dan James
1992        Gary Vanier                          Heather Hughes
1991           Mark Sear                             Heather Hughes
1990        John Groth, Jr.                      Pat Cornett-Iker
1989        Aly Trompas                          Pat Cornett-Iker
1988       Gary Vanier                        Sally (Voss) Krueger
1987        Richard Petit                         Denise Philbrick 
1986       Gary Vanier                              Sally Voss 
1985       Gary Vanier                            Nancy Turner, Jr. 
1984       Aly Trompas                            Sally Voss 
1983      Frank Mazion                           Sally Voss 
1982      Ray Pellegrini                           Sally Voss 
1981       Kurt Posey                           Juli (Simpson) Inkster 
1980      John Susko                             Carol Conidi 
1979       Frank Mazion                         Juli Simpson 
1978       John Susko                                  Sally Voss 
1977     Mark Hillsinger                       Barbara Vetrano 
1976       Aly Trompas                         Margaret Leonard 
1975      Dave Baskins                           Patricia Cornett  
1974         Tom Culligan                            Cheryl Pastore1973       Gilberto Torres                            Lauren Howe

1972       John Cranston                             Pam Palmieri

1971        Gary Vanier                                  Shelley Hamlin

1970       Bill Paulson                                   Shelley Hamlin

1969       Mike Moriarty                              Noni Schneider

1968       Ray Leach                                       Shelley Hamlin

1967       Bob E. Smith                          Linda Collins Maurer

1966       Larry Anderson                         Marie Strand

1965      Walt Gilliam                               Jan Ferraris

1964       Ken Towns                                Jan Ferraris

1963      George Archer                           Jan Ferraris

1962       Tom Dixon                                Jan Ferraris

1961        Verne Callison                         Jane Thomas

1960       Bob Sylvestri                            Linda Collins

1959       Bob Sylvestri                         Dorothy Stamps

1958       Bill McCool                                   Angie Vote

1957       Tal Smith

1956     Ken Venturi

1955      Harvie Ward

1954      Cy Pennel

1953       Ken Venturi

1952      Bob Sylvestri

1951       Robert Cardinal

1950      Ken Venturi

1949      Ed Castagnetto

1948     Richard Bailey

1947      James Molinari

1946      Ed Castagnetto

1945       William Fritz

1944     Ed Castagnetto

1943     Louis Jennings

1942      James Molinari

1941      Ernest Carli

1940      William Higgins

1939      James Molinari

1938      Frank Toronto

1937     James E. French, Jr.

1936     Dale Goodart

1935        Jack Finger

1934     Charles Ferrera

1933      Edgar Haber

1932       Charles Ferrera

1931       A.G. Sato

1930       Charles Ferrera

1929       Dr. Jack Wolfe

1928      George Studinger

1927       Jack K. Wolfe

1926     George Ritchie

1925     George Ritchie

1924     James A. Ritchie

1923      Larry Kelly

1922    John F. Neville

1921      John J. McHugh

1920     Charles E. Foley

1919      Sam L. Conlon, Jr.

1918        E.J. O’Brien

1917      Fitzgerald Marx

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