1. If I was planning a golfing trip to Ireland, I would use this gentleman to plan my entire trip:

Mike Brassil/Travel Executive
Carr Golf Travel – Creating Unique Experiences & Memories for Life
Carr Corporate Events
T: +353 1 8226662
D: +353 1 8609311
Us Toll Free: 1800 882 2656

Mike has successfully gotten me on every course I have desired to play, either that day, or with a few days notice. He has suggested the correct places to stay, and has directed me to the right people to meet and contact. Mike works for Marty Carr who’s father is one of the most famous amateurs of all time, and has a prestigious amateur event played in his honor called the Carr Mara, which this year will be contested at Royal Portrush Golf Club in September.

2. Don’t expect summer like weather conditions in the summer here, its been cold, windy and rainy. The good news is that the wind can blow the storms through quite quickly, so it doesn’t rain for long.

3. The people here are real golfers, and hence take their time looking for balls in the heather and gorse, so don’t be surprised when the play slows to a crawl at times. These are serious golfers and I have seen very few putts conceited.

4. Don’t be foolish and think you can set up your own trip by using the internet, it will limit what you’ll be able to do. Using Mike at Carr golf will ensure that you play the best courses, stay at the great places to stay and dine at the best restaurants. AND its best you DON’T drive here, the country roads are VERY narrow, and cars fly by doing 120+km/hr. It can be a terrifying experience unless you are a veteran driver in those conditions.

5. The people of Ireland are extremely accommodating and helpful, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like about anything, they go out of their way to be helpful.

6. There is a lot to see in this great place, I’d do more than just golf while you are here. I toured the Guinness Storehouse, it was amazing and worth seeing.

So far I’ve played 18 holes at Dooks. 18 holes at Tralee, 11 holes at Waterville and 9 holes at the Island Golf Club in Dublin. ALl of them have been amazing, especially Waterville, WOW awesome links course.

Tomorrow I play a great course I’ve never played before, Portmarnock with my pals I met at the World Golf Championship in South Korea in May. I hope to have some fun shots and video of our round.


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