It was quite obvious to me, that those playing in the US Senior Open with length had a chance in this event, while the others struggled. On longer par 4 holes of 450-500 yards you need length off the tee to be able to hit higher lofted shots into these greens, especially to firm open greens. Tom Watson did remarkably well in this Open at age 65, as he stated, he drove the ball well and putted well, but was not able to hit his irons shots with the necessary height into those firm elevated greens. So I am stating the obvious, but lets examine how to create additional length and club head speed. I can assure you that eating Ice Cream on the couch is not the answer. The answer is hard work, but it can be fun, and quite rewarding. So many great golf specific exercises are available to golfers today, that your a fool if you ignore the benefit you’ll derive from consistently trying these exercises.

I work with an amazing TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) instructor here in the Bay Area, and would be happy to share her contact information with anyone thats ready to get their club head speed up. Additionally I recently ran into this video that has several very good exercises that are not that tough, but will yield great results.

So get off your ass, and see if you can bomb it by me…..if you can, then lets see if you then can make some putts under pressure, that will be my next topic. But for now, get fit, and you’ll see the results immediately. If you find this blog to be interesting and beneficial, please share it with your friends. I derive ZERO profit from this blog, and write here to share with you my experiences and knowledge of the game as I pursue my passion competing around the world as an amateur golfer.


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