Tom Watson is still a major force in the golf world at age 65 9 months and 25 days, shoots a 66 on a VERY hard golf course. The common theme with all the players is the rough, the rough is wicked, and if you find it, you’ll pay. Tom in his interview said it was the toughest rough he’s ever seen in any US Open. I agree, but I have not played in as nearly as many as Tom, but in my 6 professional majors I have played in, I have never seen rough like this.

Even the US Open’s at the Olympic club did not have rough as thick and gnarly as what I saw today. My round was a round of unforced errors, I hit enough fairways to shoot near par, but my short sided 7 and 8 irons did me in today. The afternoon heat was stifling at 103 degrees.The greens were firm, but not super fast.

Despite having played in many golf tournaments in my life, I was especially nervous on the 10th tee today at 2:19. With my heart pounding at probably 140 I was able to find the fairway on #10.

Tomorrow I go at 8:34 and probably need an even par 70 to make the cut. The two players I am pulling most for are the 65 yr old Tom Watson, and fellow Olympian Michael Allen. This course is going to get tougher and tougher as we approach the weekend.

In the ned though, I enjoyed every moment of being able to compete in the same event as some of the best players to ever play the game.

Stay tuned

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