Whisper Rock National Invitational

One of my all time favorite events I have ever played in is the “Whisper Rock National Invitational”. There are many reasons why this event is special, here are the main ones: You are treated like perhaps no where else in the world when you arrive at this very special place. The event has two man teams from all over the country, to play 54 holes of best ball over two very challenging courses.

To properly plan to play in this event, you’ll need to allocate about one pound of weight gain per day, as the food is perhaps the best you’ll find at a golf venue. The competition is at a very high level. as is the quality of the individuals that participate. There always seems to be an underlying rule in these Invitational events that poor behavior, and/or play is not your ticket back the following year. This year was no different than the rest, made some great new friends, spent half my time in the desert looking at how to get my ball back in play, and the number one reason I love this event is I get to spend 4-5 days with my good pal PB (Paul Balatti).

What makes “The Rock” so so special starts at the ownership level, and funnels down to all that work there, and those that are privileged to be a member of what may call the “best hang in golf”. The staff at Whisper Rock is second to none, and should be used as a model to other clubs that are interested in making their club stand out when it comes to the total experience. These guys know your name, go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need, and just genuinely love their job, and being a part of the WR experience. I believe at last count, approx 30 PGA tour players are members.

Okay, so much for the niceties, and lets get down to the golf. The champions in both the Mid Am flight and Senior flight shot -10 for three rounds of best ball over three days. What this tells us is the course prevailed, and nobody really went seriously low. The weather was crazy unusual for May, with rain and very strong winds. What seems to look like a fairly generous looking fairway on most holes is quite deceptive, as these fairways all tighten down considerably the further down you attempt to go.The second shots require great accuracy to have any reasonable putt at a birdie. In my opinion you must nail the par fives.

I have many great memories of playing in this event, and I hope our T4 finish will bring us back next year.

My next post will have some more serious content about what its like to struggle in a game that I love so dearly, along with some comments on side saddle putting, Stay Tuned

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