I’m sitting at LAX getting ready to board a flight heading for South Korea to participate in the 2015 World Club Championship, being held at The Club at Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges. This is a two man best ball, with two members from many of the elite clubs in the world participating. My partner Kory Storer (from the Olympic club) is already over there going through the opening ceremonies, as I make way from Whisper Rock to the Island of Jeju for this event.

I have never been to Asia before, and I am very much looking forward to this experience. My only issue actually resides with my game. which continues to be quite poor, especially with the putter. I laugh often when people come up to me and suggest that I am a great putter, I have given up trying to explain to them that side saddle putting worked for me for a good 15 years, over which time I won close to 100 amateur events, and felt that I could putt with anyone in the world. I didn’t have bad putting days, I knew I would always make my fair share of putts. Not the truth is I have the YIPS with this form of putting, I guess this honesty will prevent me from perhaps ever being an expert on Side Saddle Putting, but like anything in life, you ride your highs, and work through your lows. Additionally my game has suffered from a lack of proper preparation, which normally would include 3-5 workout sessions per week, and better mental preparation. I am not throwing in the towel yet, as I have many great events on the calendar over the next 4 months. But its getting old putting my eyes closed, and sometimes looking at the hole. I cannot seem to putt like I once was able to just look at the ball and give the saddle putter a good even back and through stroke.

I cannot imagine what these tour players are going to do that have relied on the anchored technique of putting to make their living. Clearly Adam Scott is a better putter with it anchored, and will perhaps see his world ranking plummet once he no longer can anchor the putter to his body next year. Is this FAIR…hell no its not fair, why would all of a sudden the powers to be, outlaw something that has been used for decades by many pros?

I guess this one can be argues from both sides, but in the end, does anchoring a putter really give a player an advantage. I say NO.

I am off to board this 17 hour flight, stay tuned to see some photos and coverage of this event in South Korea!!


  1. G’day Randy,
    I am a side-saddle (I prefer “front-on”) putting devotee club golfer, playing off 12, mostly with exceptional success in Sydney, Australia.
    From your latest blog are you still putting front-on, having a spell from it or trying something else?
    I can’t believe there is a purer way to putt.

    • Bill,
      Thanks so much for your comment, I hope you’ll follow my blog in the future and share it with your friends. I am really struggling right now with the side saddle putting, but I intend to clear my mind of all the putting demons and get back to putting the ball on the intended line with the speed I want. Best of luck to you, and again thanks for staying tuned, more to come!!

  2. Randy, have you tried using different length putters (shafts) and not leaning forward so much? What length putter do you use? I use The Way putter made by a judge (Tim) up in Minnesota. My putter is 49″ from surface to top of handle. Of course I’m not as good as you. I only play about 8 rounds of golf a year. I’m 63. But I just wanted to ask you if you had experimented with different combinations. Thanks for the format. Best to you. Murf

    • Thanks Murf!!
      I appreciate your comment, and currently I use a 42″ putter, and am putting with my eyes closed. Its not great, but works for now. I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog!!
      Thanks again

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