The most popular topic I get comments on is putting, and mainly side saddle putting. It has become apparent that the side saddle putters once abundant on Ebay and other auction sites have disappeared, for many reasons. I think there is a steady movement to this style of putting, but I don’t believe it will ever catch on big due to the significant change in feel required on the long putts.

For those of us that ran out of alternatives, side saddle putting has become a way of life, and there usually is no going back. The key fundamentals to the technique are the key to success using this technique, you can find video on the technique at : YouTube

There are many side saddle (Face On) putters available on YouTube with many instructional help. But keep in mind, these are guys that have not won major tournaments using this style of putting, these are mainly guys trying to sell you a garage made putter that typically is a disappointment when it arrives. I have ordered many such putters and have been given others, but have always found the STX Side Saddle putter to be the best.

First tournament of 2015 this weekend, the San Francisco City Championship. It’s just a little harder to get excited about it with the qualifier and match play rounds at The Presidio vs. Harding Park (home of this year WGC Match Play Championship that Tiger will not win….oh thats right he’ll be off somewhere watching Linsey win an award).

I’m going to slowly get this BLOG cranked back up as the new season gets going. Till later, stay tuned!


  1. Randy, I have found a putter like yours on ebay and had a question. Did you have the putter adjusted to remove the loft. It would seem that holding the club at 90 degrees with 3 degrees of loft would make it go a hair right. just curious.

    • Hi Brent,
      You need the loft, just use a forward lean with the shaft at address and you should have no problems, let me know how it works?

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