Golf is a sport we love – It will test us, push us

I know that I haven’t written much over the last year, but everyday I think about golf, and my game. I want to get better, get back to the days I once enjoyed, and perhaps didn’t appreciate as much as I should have. But now looking back I realize how lucky and fortunate I have been to have played this game at a level that I could only dream of.

I have outperformed any expectation I have ever had, I have traveled the world and have played some of the best courses in the world. What I can tell you that my round of 77 at Del Monte in the NCGA Masters championship was a huge disappointment, and I hope I will  benefit from this tough go. Despite winning the Olympic Club stroke play championship on the weekend by six shots, when tested in a major event again I was unable to perform like I’ve done previously.

What is the problem, well golf is a tough sport. Some of us like Chip Lutz and Mike McCoy play well day in and day out. The are the guys that I respect and think of as true amateur champions. They both are class guys, and always are a joy to play with. 

In my first round of the NCGA Masters I played with a player not to be named that was a walking narrative. He doesn’t shut up, everything is all about him, and he moves and makes noises all day long. The game is tough enough without having to be distracted by someone that really doesn’t care. 

But to help you become a better player, I have this to say to you. Once you start to lose your club head speed, you are in serious trouble. If you think you are losing your speed, write to me and I will recommend a TPI trainer in your area. This will be a game changer in your life, and you will become a better player if you take this VERY important step and dedicate yourself to making your body and mind stronger. I have failed in this department, once mentally tough, I have let myself become quite weak minded on the course. I can assure you this will change.

SOME WORDS OF ADVICE- If you back or body hurts, don’t hit range balls, think mentally about each shot and visualize. Your body needs to be rested and fresh to compete at the highest level. Don’t over-practice, but prepare physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is a very hard game when you are struggling, but remember that can change VERY quickly. Up next the California State Amateur and the US Senior Open qualifier.

stay tuned!!!!

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  1. Randy,

    I’m definitely interested in finding a TPI specialist in my area. I’m in Inland Southern California.

    I was supposed to play in the NCGA Masters, but my back has been horrible lately, and I had an urgent family issue to deal with, so I had to WD.

    David Ober

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