If your a shitty putter, it may be time to make a change, and Side Saddle putting is a great option. The most popular questions that I’ve been asked are 1. How long does it take to be competent and competitive with this technique? A. Its going to be different with each Individual, but getting the correct instruction, and making sure the anchoring left hand does not move, you could be completive after just a few months of practice. But the real answer is I believe about 1 year.

2. What Side Saddle putter do you use? I started with a Jack Koski “So Easy” Side Saddle putter and then went to a STX Side Saddle putter which you can still find occasionally on Ebay

3. Will Side Saddle putting be legal once the new putting rules take effect. Absolutely YES, I do not anchor the putter to my body, and the putter and style all conform to USGA standards

4. Is Side Saddle putting a quick fix to putting problems- Absolutely NO, this technique requires a lot of practice and proper technique before you will be able to make putts from all lengths.

If you can’t putt, forget competing in golf, the putter is the great equalizer in this game we all love. So what’s happened to me? It seems like personally I developed  a YIP with my side saddle technique. I am currently reading one of Dave Stockton’s books Own your own game, but seriously nothing seems to be working. Today at Seminole I experienced three 3 putts and one 4 putt. And any 20 footer I have, I know I have no chance of making with my eyes open, most of my putts now are with my eyes closed. I had a great run of over 15 years putting well above average with this technique, but now am looking for a way back. Its two things, one I get a jolt of YIP at impact, and 2nd I have lost my keen speed control feel. Not sure how this happened, but now I have a better appreciation for how good I was able to putt over this period from 1997-2011 where I won over 80 amateur events, and played in 20 USGA events and 5 professional majors. Now I’m searching for a new way to approach my putting, in hopes to regain the touch I once had. Honestly if I cannot regain the touch I’ve enjoyed in the past, I am not sure I will play competitive golf very much longer. 

I feel like I can help a lot of players putt better than they ever have before putting this way, despite my own personal issues, I strongly urge all of you that struggle with your putting to try this technique.

Stay tuned for more on Side Saddle putting


  1. Randy,

    I have experienced the yips for long periods in my (not nearly so illustrious as yours) career. I am finally coming out of them again and putting well and in control. Shot a nice 69 at the Kelly Cup yesterday on U.S. Open-like greens. Of course, one round does not a yip-cure make, but I’m going on 2 months now, relatively yip free.

    Here’s what I did:

    1) Did some research on caffeine and decided to seriously reduce my caffeine consumption to half a cup a day. I used to drink 6 to 12 cups a day. I did the reduction cold turkey. Just woke up and had half a cup and have been doing that ever since.

    2) Spent a very short time listening to some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) hypnosis audio that I downloaded to my iPhone. (This probably didn’t help much, as I only listed two or three times for a total of three half-hour sessions

    3) I read Fred Shoemaker’s “Extraordinary Golf” and “Extraordinary Putting.” I’m sure you’ve read many, many golf books in your life, and so have I. In fact, I read Extraordinary Putting years ago. At the time, though, I just don’t think I was “ready” or it. I highly recommend you read it — either for the first time, or again if you have read it already.

    As someone who has experienced for years on end, I know how debilitating they can be. Best of luck to you, and feel free to reach out to me any time. I believe you have my contact info, but if not, just respond to me here.

    David Ober

  2. Old Man:

    It is time to hang it up. Your muscles are chattering like the broken automatic door at Blacks Market. The more you try to control them, the more they chatter. Each putt involves a prayer, and The Lord has gone fishing. Your only chance is an intensive course of instruction at Green Grass Golf. We first deconstruct your mental process by reconnecting your body with the natural contours of the earth and the vegetation growing thereon. By pulling weeds on our hills overlooking the ocean, your confidence and self control will re-emerge, and your fingers and hands will gain incredible strength and feel. All of this will pay dividends when we place the club back in your hand on our scientifically designed natural terrain, which will make you yearn to return to a manicured course. Although we cannot guarantee that you will win the Masters, you will be gratified to again become the master of your own stroke. All of this for $5000 per session, air fare not included, is a hole in one. JRH, Director

  3. JRH’s solution sounds a lot like the Doctor Golf solution by William Price Fox… one of the funniest golf books ever written!

    On a more serious note – my ebook on this style of putting might help others to transition from anchored or traditional putting. Just click on my website for details. I’m sure you’ll find your putting muse again as this is far and away the best way for long-term success putting! Good luck!

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