Another beautiful day at Seminole in beautiful Juno Beach Florida. I’ve given a partial list of the leaders below. I again don’t have any good news about my won game, and today witnessed another train wreck by a fellow competitor (to be unnamed) The hole was the somewhat benign 13th today, playing about 155 yards to a front left pin. His shot unfortunately found the front right bunker, his second shot was bladed long into a back bunker, now leaving an almost impossible downhill shot. His third shot rolled back into the front right bunker, and his 5th, 6th shots were hit onto the bank and back into the front right bunker, but now his ball rolled into one of his deep sand divots. His 7th shot was it long left to about 50 feet, which was masterfully 2 putted for a whopping 9. I unfortunately didn’t do much better as I had an uphill 40 footer that I almost holed for a birdie 2, but again I was left with a tricky side bending 3 footer that I lipped out leaving me 6 feet coming back, which of course I missed for a splendid 4 putt double bogey. I made even a worse mess of the par 3 17th hole, which was only playing 170 downhill, but when finished I walked off with a triple bogey 6. Obviously these guys listed below have few stories like those, but I can assure you that on every hole at Seminole looms a risk of something happening that will have you scratching your head. On the other hand, my other playing partner made a spectacular birdie 3 on the tough 18th hole.
In the end all you can do is have respect for this great test, and know that whatever you are struggling with currently will be exposed. My next post following this, will be about Side Saddle Putting, stay tuned!


SEMINOLE GOLF CLUB Thursday, April 24th – Saturday, April 26th Round Two Results

Mid-Amateurs – Leaders

1  Patrick Christovich  72-69–141

2  Billy Williamson 75-69–144

Mike McCoy 73-71–144

Kris Mikkelsen 73-71–144

R.J. Nakashian 73-71–144

6  Edward Richardson 74-71–145

Senior Leaders

1 Tim Jackson 73-69–142

2 Chip Lutz 70-73–143

Bryan Norton 69-74–143


Scott Rowe
Roger Newsom Stephen Anderson

14 Jon Veneziano Parker Smith Gene Elliott John G. Sawin Robert Gerwin II

19 Eoghan O’Connell Ryan Abbate Kevin Grabeman

22 Nick Gilliam Tim Spitz

  1. 24  Carlton Forrester

  2. 25  Trip Kuehne

  3. 26  Mark Loomis

    Randy Haag Patrick Duffy Robert Gregorski Tommy Brennan

31 Roger Hoit Matt Sughrue Keith Decker

34 Kevin Hammer Mark Mance

36 Steve Harwell Wesley Pate

  1. 38  Michael Barbosa

  2. 39  Steve White, Jr.

    John O’Donnell

    Dan Horner

42 Bradley Shaw

Dennis Bull

John Pinkham
45 Stephen Summers

Tom Nolan

  1. 47  Jason Edgeworth

  2. 48  Christopher Reeves


75-69–144 73-71–144 73-71–144 73-71–144 74-71–145 76-70–146 73-73–146 73-73–146 78-69–147 78-69–147 74-73–147 73-74–147 77-71–148 76-72–148 76-72–148 73-75–148 73-75–148 76-73–149 75-74–149 73-76–149 76-74–150 74-76–150 74-77–151 83-69–152 82-71–153 76-77–153 76-77–153 76-77–153 74-79–153 79-75–154 77-77–154 75-79–154 77-78–155 77-78–155 81-75–156 80-76–156 77-80–157 79-79–158 78-80–158 79-79–158 82-77–159 81-78–159 79-80–159 83-78–161 81-80–161 77-85–162 84-80–164 

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