Posted by: randyhaaggolf | February 3, 2014


Like every new year we all want to make changes in our games, our approach to our game and our preparation. But its not easy to do, we fall back into our old habits of not working on the parts of our game that needs the most attention.

Its fun and easy to stand on the driving range and launch balls out into a wide open driving range, last time I was on the range there were about 20 other people hitting balls. Then I moved over to the putting green where 5 people were practicing their putting, and as I moved down to the chipping area I was the lone chipper.

This is not unusual, most golfers hit range balls to warm up and go and play, yet the weakest part of most peoples game is from 100 yards and in, which is where most shots are taken in golf. I am now FORCING myself to spend one hour chipping and putting whenever I go the course. It is remarkable the difference this will make in your game. If you don’t have time before you tee off, then skip the 19th hole beer and chip and putt after the round (thats what the best players in the world do). You will be amazed at the results.



Qualifying rounds next weekend at Lincoln Park and the Presidio, looks like winter will finally arrive in time for the start of the city!!

Stay tuned


  1. Putted for 1st time on course with face on putter. I seemed to miss everything right, like the face was opening up, is there something I am doing wrong? there is no instruction on how to use these so your video from a few years ago is all I have to go on. I am following your advice on diet and chipping. I want to become a scratch golfer, been as low as 5. THANKS

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