Don’t get soft over these winter months, use the lousy weather outside to do your work inside for the upcoming season. These are the very best training techniques I have found for golf over the past 30 years.

1. Of all the different Yoga’s available I think BY FAR Pilates is the very best. Especially using the reformer. This will rip your core, you’ll gain flexibility, and its fun!!!!

2. Egoscue – This is a program I tried several years ago, look it up online. I still use these stretches before I play, they are GREAT!!!!

3. TPI- (Titleist Performance Institute) find a TPI certified trainer and get your body tested for flexibility, range of motion and strength. TPI will put a program together specifically for your body. I highly recommend this. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE GYM WITHOUT A SPECIFIC PROGRAM THAT IS BUILT FOR YOU>

And worse yet, you can easily injure yourself if you do not have a program, and have your progress monitored.

So I ask the question, if you want to improve at golf, you must increase you club head speed and ability to keep the club face on plain. These suggestions will help you in a VERY BIG WAY. So get off your lazy ass, off the couch, and quit watching 8 hours of College Football on Sat and 8 hours of NFL on Sunday and get in the Gym and do what I’ve suggested. It will pay HUGE dividends.

Not to toot my horn, but I at age 54, I can still move a drive out over 300+ yards. Its not because I am laying on the couch, I work at it, and want to stay competitive. Start slowly, but get the body moving in a way that will help your rotation abilities.

Any questions?

Stay tuned!!!



  1. Excited to find an article about you on wsj. I am switching to side saddle because of my putting. I have struggled so bad I need a change or risk quitting this great game. I am 38 and am encouraged by your words. I work hard and I have only been playing 7years but I want to compete at a very high level. What are some things that I should start with right away when I start putting side saddle? I was going to use the metal ruler drill to nail down those short putts first.

    • You need to make sure you keep your left hand anchored and swing the right hand back and forth which creates the perfect pendulum stroke. If you think this Blog is helpful, or readable, please share with others, I will be doing a lot of instruction on Side Saddle putting

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