I’m sure you’ve heard me time and time again talk about why I love this game, the competition, and the people I’ve met, WELL Mike McCoy exemplifies all that is good about amateur golf. He is a working man who has been wildly enthusiastic about the pursuit of excellence in his amateur golf career. He has at times dominated Mid Amateur Golf with impressive wins at the prestigious Crump Cup and Coleman Mid Am events. He has played in countless USGA events, including this years US Senior Open as a new 50-year-old.

But in my book what separates Mike from the others is his passion and desire to constantly improve and get his game to a higher high. His game has always been at a very high level, but I think Mike is better at 50 than he was at 40, which is remarkable. I have had many matches against Mike at the Crump Cup at Pine Valley, and in 2005 felt I was headed for my 3rd Crump Cup Championship when Mike rallied on me in the semi finals, and took me down on the 18th hole. SInce then Mike has owned me in match play, beating me badly the few times we have played. He has every shot in the bag, his short game is deft, and he has that cool calmness that all true champions possess. Yet he is about the nicest man you’ll ever meet in the game, and would do anything for just about anyone. He has personality, and competitive fire and a real respect and love of the game.

Mike McCoy is what amateur golf is all about, great competition, great people, and the heart of a Lion. I have the utmost respect for Mike, and have always enjoyed his company at the tournaments we enjoy playing in. His fellow Iowan Gene Elliott also had a break through at 52 by winning this years 2013 Crump Cup. I must admit both of these guys started taking Protandim over a year ago, and like Chip Lutz, have been dominant. Who knows what real effect Protandim has had, but I think each of these guys would point to it and say its helped them, and they are not going to stop taking it anytime soon (for information on Protandim go to ) Protandim is simply 5 natural herbs that together create Synergy to eliminate 1 million free radicals a second in your body (proven in a clinical study). So I am not saying you’ll win the 2014 Mid Am by taking it, but lets take a look at what the four guys taking it did this year- Chip Lutz- won almost every Senior title in the world, including the Silver Medal in the Senior Open, Mike McCoy USGA MID AM CHAMP, and many other victories including a record at Pine Valley that will never be broken when he shot 64-65 -129 in the Crump Cup qualifier in 2012. Gene Elliott won his first Crump Cup this year and many other events. And I bring up the rear with my NCGA Masters division title and a few other events.

But back to McCoy’s feat at this year Mid Am, only Randall Lewis two years ago in Houston at age 54 has won this event in the 50’s. This is walking 36 holes a day under pressure, for not one, or two days in a row, BUT THREE DAYS IN A ROW. You are playing on pure Adrenaline but day 4 of match play, and to play at age 50 vs being in your 20’s is significant. In my book is one of the greatest amateur feats in history because of how much time and effort this man put into traveling all over the country in pursuit of excellence in his game, to win the BIG ONE that would perhaps get him on the 2015Walker Cup Team.

I can write about Mike because I know him well, I have played with him for many decades, and I have witnessed his game get better and better as he’s aged. I witnessed this man lose probably 30 pounds to get in the best shape he could to play better golf, make the family sacrifices that tear you apart. He has now reached the Pinnacle of what you can accomplish as a true amateur, and with the victory comes the spoils, an Invitation into the 2014 Master. I can assure you one thing, his Masters experience will be one of the greatest memories of his lifetime!!

Mike, you are a great champions and I am sure you not only had hundreds of guys cheering you on, but probably I’m sure thousands, people you have touched in your life. And now you are the Champ!!!

In closing I will say, that his fellow competitor also plays in all the same great Mid Am events we play in, and Billy Williamson is also a class act, and will carry this special memory for the rest of his life as well. This year we have a Mid Am champion that is the most deserving of this title if you had to pick one guy, it would be Mike, but he earned it, he went out and got something he has been chasing after his whole life. I am SO THRILLED for Mike, and look forward to see him compete in all the great events that this will finally allow him to play in!!!


Stay tuned!!!!

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