What I enjoy most about these Mid Am events are the people that I meet. People in golf are quality individuals, and we all share the love of the game, and the competition. The hospitality at Austin Country Club was fantastic, and the course was in great shape and a good test for sure. My ragged 38, 38, 38, 38 nines on the weekend were very disappointing, and I’m sure you are tired of reading about POOR PUTTING, but my goodness, this is getting ridiculous!!

To go from 25 putts on Friday while hitting it sideways for a 69, to a 76 with 40 putts on Saturday while striping it (well kinda, I’m sure the guys I played with would not call it a striping expedition) but regardless the putter is the great equalizer, and if I don’t figure the wonder wand out in the next 10 days, Pine Valley is going to fray my nerve endings to the bone. Those fast greens require a deft touch, and precision or else you will be looking at a very high number at the this amazing course.


I never understood how Pine Valley could be #1 for 30 something years in the rankings until I played it. It is truly like no other course in the world. To stay on the grounds in the fabulous accommodations makes it only better. But the course is simply stunning with the beautiful trees, white sand, and amazing holes. Visually from the tee, I have never seen anything close to it!!

So I’ll have photos and coverage of the 2013 Crump cup starting next week on Thursday.

back to Austin, if you like playing in a hot sauna, then you would have loved playing this past weekend in Austin. Not sure I could live there and play in those conditions, especially after being in the cool climate in San Francisco. But I will say the people in Austin and especially at the Austin CC are A+ friendly and nice people and I look forward to coming back to see if I can do a bit better next year.

I may be putting with something different, and possibly looking at the hole, as I need to make another change to see if I can get some consistency with the wand.

This week will be dedicated to the putter and trying to get some feel back!! Stay tuned for more coverage next week!!

Results below:



  1. Keep ’em coming, Randy. Love the updates, especially regarding putting. Makes me feel normal! The yips are an amazing thing….

  2. Randy, good luck at the Crump. I live nearby and attend every year. I’ve followed you a few times in the past and hope you do well enough to be on the course when the gates open.

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