So back to the slump and how do you turn it around. I will tell you AGAIN, if you don’t putt well, don’t count on being competitive in this sport, you are kidding yourself, nobody can hit the ball well enough to putt poorly and compete, and when the heat is up, you’ll putt even worse. So what is the solution?

I think you need to be half crazy, you need to do something drastic to shake yourself up, to end the slump. Whining about it won’t help, writing about either, doing something like getting up at 5am and putting in the morning dew until your hands cannot hold the club anymore, YES. You need to repeat something so many times that it again becomes automatic. I stopped practicing because I got lazy, I was riding the wave of my good play and took advantage of my success and didn’t work hard once I became more interested in other leisure activities over the past 2 years.

If you want to get better, you need to #1 make sure your technique is sound, don’t practice bad habits, Get someone to make sure what your doing is fundamentally sound. Then work harder than you ever have before, sacrifice the evening cocktails, so you can get up and be a little crazy about you preparation and practice. If you have talent, that alone will not get you there, regardless of how good you think you are, you cannot fool your mind, it knows when you are trying to pull one over on yourself. Don’t do it, be realistic about matching your effort you put in and how well you expect to perform.

So make a plan for each day, one baby step at a time, stick to it and you will get better. It  should include a TPI fitness assessment (Titleist Performance Institute) where you body will be tested for flexibility and strength and you will get a grade, and a work out based on where you are deficient. You will be shocked at how poorly you will do in this test. The exercises prescribed will be specific to helping you improve in these critical areas, and you will see great results. If you want to MAXIMIZE your time, do this and you’ll have a VERY efficient 45 minute workout that will be sufficient to see fast improvement.

Then stay in the routine, and watch the improvement. I am writing this for my benefit as well as I have fallen off the wagon, and I have nothing or nobody to blame but myself. Either get better, or quit. What else can we do…just stay mediocre? I think not!!

STay tuned for more on this subject, I am going to the gym now))))



  1. Wow! Really sounds like the game isn’t fun anymore and that’s never a good thing. Might be time to take a short break, read some funny golf books and then some Bernard Darwin stories from the old days to remind yourself that it is, in the final analysis, a game. Give yourself a chance to recharge your mental battery – the pros have to do it too!

    I can almost feel the tension in your words – putting with your eyes closed screams of too much emphasis on the process and none on the goal, that being getting the bloody ball in the hole!

    Maybe you’re the type of person that can just power through a slump with more physical work, more practice and then even MORE practice, but don’t forget the mental and spiritual side of the game.

    Just my two cents – hang in there!

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