Lets face it, if you cannot putt under pressure, perhaps this is not the game for you?

If you think the guys you are watching on TV are under pressure, YES they are, they are playing for millions of dollars, and one missed putt can be almost career ending at the wrong time. All the putts that would have changed lives forever, Tom Watson has won many majors, so the bogey on the 72nd hole didn’t rob him of that honor, but it did eliminate perhaps the greatest feat in all of Sports History, what would have been better?

The putt he missed for par was ugly, and I’m sure he knew he was in trouble, maybe not, but those are the hardest putts to make when your heart is ponding so hard that you feel like you are about to pass out.

In the sectional US Open qualifier this year, I witnessed a guy make everything for 32 holes to get to -6 only to watch him miss a 3 footer on the 32nd hole that cost him playing in this years US OPEN.

I am not writing this article to tell you that I have a cure, but to tell you that I am now playing in tournaments with a putter that is not getting the job done. Oh let me re-phrase that, my putter is fine, I am the problem.


Sheer determination, perhaps

A different putting grip, perhaps

A different attitude, very helpful

Shock treatment, try it))

Different putter, try it

All of this is okay, but to really make a drastic change, you need to make a drastic commitment to change in every aspect from mental to physical. You can putt on a chalk line for an hour a day and I CAN GUARANTEE YOU WILL PUTT BETTER. WHY? because most of putting is poor alignment with your eyes, and a chalk line will get you re-callobrated.

If you want to be the best, get up at 6 am and putt for 3 hours until you putt like a wizard of the wand. Truly I am so tired of hearing guys whine about their putting, but yet do nothing about it. This is a really hard game, and if you want to improve, it starts and ends with the putter.

You can share your horror stories with me if you like, but I’ve had some of the worst yips in the past that anyone has seen. But now, I refuse to acknowledge that I have any problem at all other than lack of commitment and drive to make a difference. I would have easily qualified for this years US SENIOR OPEN, had I worked on my putting for a few hours a day. NO EXCUSE, I CHOSE NOT TO SO SOMEONE ELSE HAS MY SPOT. And I will either get that drive back, or just be frustrated and pissy about missed opportunities.

AND THOSE OF YOU WANTING TO PLAY PROFESSIONALLY…REALLY if you don’t putt the light out of it, FORGET IT, you’ll never win, you’ll never make money, get a job now and save yourself the years of aggravation.

Go watch Blavik Patel putt, hell he will make your mouth drop with envy as he drains everything he looks at. He is prepared, talented, and cocky. HE KNOWS ITS GOING IN!!!

I’ve won over 150 amateur tournaments over 30+ years, and many of those wins were accomplished with suspect putting. Professionally, I had no chance, so I stayed an amateur, and played in events like the Vacaville City. And enjoyed the competition at a level I could handle.

If you want to play professionally, come play me at the Olympic club from the back tees for $1,000 a hole and we’ll see how you putt for that kind of out of your pocket money. I am serious, I will play anyone not on a major tour. I am not being cocky, I just know that I can probably beat you on my own course. WHICH IS THE POINT HERE, if you are not killing it at your own course, what chance do you have when playing unfamiliar courses and greens with different grasses and speeds.


And then come see me at the OC and we’ll tee it up!!!



  1. Good post on the importance of putting. My son’s golf teacher always told us how few people went to the putting green after hitting balls on the range. His advice don’t be that guy go putt.

    One question isn’t it true that great putters usually have a very good short game as they leave themselves in a better position to drain that key putt?


  2. Good post, enjoyed thoroughly and even laughed a bit because it is so true. The major tours are essentially one big putting contest. Tiger’s highlight reel is not filled with tee shots for a reason.

    I am switching over to side saddle and am wondering if you have any techniques or practice drills/tips unique to this style. With it being winter in the northeast, i have not putted this way on a real green yet, but have committed myself to trying it this year. I am optimistic on it.

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