Posted by: randyhaaggolf | May 15, 2013


Throughout my amateur golfing career, I have gone in and out of being a poor to mediocre bunker player. I have now learned clearly why!!

It’s not a lack of hand-eye coordination, but that of technique. The bunker shots are not something intuitive, they are shots that need to be played with precise technique. I’ve always been a digger, not a proper bounce user. This has resulted in a very frustrating time while in the beach, especially at venues like the amazing Seminole (over 180 bunkers).

The technique is essential, and I am not sure it’s taught properly. I’m not being paid to share this with you in any way, so take this as it is. The attached video of Terry Rowles demonstrating the proper technique for both flat, uphill, and downhill lies.

I made HUGE improvement yesterday just by making these simple changes.

I hope you find this helpful, let me know??

Coming up this week, The Olympic Club Invitational with Chip Lutz. STAY TUNED


  1. Randy,
    love your blog but wish you would comment on The Coleman as promised

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