Today I tee it up at the famed Seminole course in Juno Beach Florida. Those lucky enough to play this gem, understand what makes it so special. At a glance you will no be overwhelmed when you look at the topography of the course, but once on it you’ll start to understand what makes it so special. It starts at #1 and ends at number 18. The first hole down wind can almost be driven, but once you have a 30 4o or 50 yard shot into this green, its quite easy to walk off with your first bogey of the day. Each hole has its challenge, and wind plays a significant factor in each shot you play.

Today I’m off late at 12:20 and will enjoy the strongest winds of the day. With all my struggles I am currently having my expectation level is low, but I will still enjoy each punishing shot, good or bad. So let take a minute and talk about golf, and what happens when things go awry. I am struggling in all aspects of my game, and it’s 100% my doing. Lack of proper practice, diet, exercise, and dedication have caught up with me. My game requires maximum prep, and is all confidence based. My short game has taken the biggest hit, and Seminole is not the place to play when you are shaking with your short sticks.

I am changing my putting technique from looking at the ball when I put to looking at the hole. Neither techniques is consistent quite yet.

I’ll be back to talk about how Seminole played today, along with more comments on what you’ll find at Whisper Rock.

Stay tuned

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