I am sure sometimes I overlook how lucky I am to be invited to such great events hosted at these two amazing venues. Whisper Rock hosted it’s 6th annual National Invitational that concluded today. Normally I would be blogging and posting results, but lately my game has been punishing me, and keeping off this blog.

I am about 20 minutes from touch down in Ft Lauderdale, where I’ll drive up to Juno Beach to get some rest before tomorrows 1st round of the Coleman at 12:20. After todays ass whooping, I am a little concerned at how I will perform at Seminole that punishes every miss hit, miss guided and missed felt putt. Whisper Rock was no different with the conditions as pristene as you can get a course. What makes these two events so special are #1 the people involved in them, from the staff, to the food, to the amazing facilities, and then the courses. Playing out of Olympic doesn’t really prepare me well for hard tight lies around the greens. These two courses are built to reward very precise and accurate shots, and to punish those that perhaps were not well thought out or executed.

Okay if I must discuss my game, I think I have 4-5 minutes left before I’ll be asked to close this down. The screaming baby may make this a bit shorter than it would be, so here it goes. My assessment of my game is fairly simple, I am not driving the ball well, I am not hitting my irons well, and my 100 yard and in game is simply pathetic. I have the side saddle yips, and half my putts are now executed while looking at the hole.

Okay gotta go, more later

Stay tuned

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