If you want to consider a great way to putt, using the Side Saddle method, the key to success will be in how you grip the putter with your left hand. The absolute key is that the pendulum doesn’t move, meaning the top of the putter stays in place. See this Video as a starting point. Next up – the best exercises for golf I got from my TPI program

Stay tuned!!!

36 Comments on “SIDE SADDLE PUTTING 101

  1. you are not 6 feet tall……….in your dreams………I am 6 feet tall


  2. Thanks, Randy. I was the only bidder on this, and got it for $49.99. Now all I need to do is learn to use it!

  3. Randy, Can any long putter be used for side saddle putting or are there special adjustments that need to be made to the putter to make it side-saddle ready?

    • No you need to have the angle of the putter be as upright as legally possible. You should try to buy a sidesaddle putter online, many are available
      Good luck, great way to putt

  4. Randy, I’ve watched you video many times and notice the grip on your putter is very unique. It is so minimal (thin), almost no thicker than the shaft itself. Can you explain why it is this way? Also, I’ve never seen a grip that looks like this, what kind of grip is this? Thanks again for sharing with us.

    • Hi Mark,
      The grip on the Side Saddle putter is just a normal grip that is standard size. I’ve tried many different grips, but what I seem to like best is using a split grip on the putter. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for the read!!

  5. Randy: I have been putting side saddle for a couple years now and have been told by tournament officials that the shaft cannot be less than 10 degree lie by USGA standards so I use a Scotty Cameron belly putter. I noticed that in your video that the shaft is essentially vertical and my understanding is that this is illegal. Can you help me with this?

    • Hello Wayne,
      My shaft has the required 10 degrees of angle out of the shaft. It would be best to have it vertical, but then would be illegal.

      • Thanks Randy. I should have been more clear with my question. Are you holding the shaft vertically through the stroke like a pendulum?

  6. Randy,You are a legend at sidesaddle. I have a question, I just picked up side saddle putting and my first round doing it had 35 putts and automatically took about 10 or so strokes away from my putting game. I currently have a Stx Sync 6 that is 42 in and a Stx Sync 7 that is 48in. I was wondering since I am only 5’9 what is the best size for me since you use a 42inch and do you recommend being more bent over or upright

    • Hi Thomas,
      I think you should us the shorter putter, as you be more grounded that way. Remember to keep that top left hand from moving during the stroke, thats the point of the pendulum that needs to stay still
      Let me know if you have any other questions

  7. Hi Randy,
    I’ve been cursed with full-blown yips for the last two years. Three years ago, I got as low as a +1.6 cap. Since then its been all downhill to the point of quitting the game I love. I’m now 68 years old and have played for the last sixty years.

    Randy, I don’t suppose you have backup/extra putter like yours? I’ve been searching eBay and every other site I know fo the last 18 months, but have come up empty. Please let me know… I would be forever grateful. Cheers!

    • Hi Jack,
      I’m happy to help you any way I can, the side saddle putters have become scarce with the new putting laws soon to be enforced. Where do you live Jack?
      Let me see what I can do to help you, my email address is
      All the best,


      • Randy, I just wanted to mention that Bobby Grace has designed and is selling his F-35 putter, specifically for face forward putting. I picked one up last month at his shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is a very solid putter and one worth taking a look at for people considering switching to the side saddle style.

  8. Mr Bickel,
    What is the width of the face (heel-to-toe) for this Bobby Grace F-35 side-saddle putter? I went to the Grace website and watched a video highlighting the F-35, and it seemed a bit wide for comfortable face-on putting. Mark, have you encountered any issues with the clubhead clearing your foot during the stroke?
    Thank You,

    • Jack, the width of the face is just a touch under 4 1/2 inches. There is still snow on the ground here in Indiana, so I haven’t had a chance to play with it on a real course yet. However, I haven’t had a problem clearing my foot with it putting indoors. The shaft bend is designed for the ball to be played pretty far forward. So, I’m not expecting that to be a problem. Hope this helps.

      • Mark, thanks again for your insite. Curious, what length did you select and what is your height? I’m a little over 6’3″ and was wondering if the 43″ (longest offered) version would be long enough for me? I guess that would probably depend on posture/knee bend, etc. However, at my age (69), I don’t have much “bend” anywhere. Cheers…

      • Jack, Bobby told me he would start at 41 inches and adjust from there. I’m 5′ 11″. If I were you, I would call Bobby and talk with him. He would be more than happy to discuss this with you. His phone number is on his website. I’ve called him numerous times.

  9. Randy, what is the width of the clubface on your putter?
    Thanks Again,

      • Randy, I too am curious as to the putterface width on your old STX putter. Could you possibly measure it for us?

      • Its about 42″ long, but the length is a very personal thing, you should try different lengths if possible, but it WORKS!!!

  10. I’m a good ball striker but my putting has deteriorated to the point of embarrassment. I’m looking into Face-on or side saddle putting. Here is my question: I am left handed but play right handed (Phil Mickelson in reverse). I do everything left handed except hit a baseball and hit a golf ball. For face-on putting should I try a right handed or left handed putter? Should my dominant hand be the lower one? Thanks, – Nevin

  11. Fantastic video and advice. I’m 5’8 and I use a 48 inch Golfsmith putter. Works for me as I don’t like to bend much, I stand with my legs straight (not locked) and try to mimic the rest of your stroke. Thank you for the motivation.

  12. I’m broke and esp have no money to try new clubs these days. BUT, I do have numerous driver shafts in the closet, so will take one and chop it to 42”, stick the tip into a flea market center shafted putter head, insert 10* off center (if possible) and give a try on the greens. Could even make a putter head from hard wood, load with lead to 400gms, keep a 3.5” face width and go. Critics be damned!
    If I get to the club finals, might need to check if ‘conforming’, or maybe, then buy a legit stick.

  13. I bought the same STX Randy uses on ebay for 50.00 to try Side Saddle Putting. I am convinced this is the way to go and just bought a much more expensive one. The STX was too short for me at 43 inches but I still putted well with it. I just put a new Super Stroke split grip on it two weeks ago. Great shape no headcover. If anyone is interested I would sell it for $50.

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