I once thought about quitting the game because I would flinch at every 2 footer, every 3 footer and even the 1 footers were a dramatic experience. If you have anything close to this, then you need to consider your options, and a belly putter man not be legal in 2016. I agree that 2016 is a long way off, and the belly boys are saying they will not conform until right before they have to. So what are your options..?

Of course you all know I putt Side Saddle, and after the Wall Street Journal article I have had people all over the world ask me about this style of putting. MY ANSWER IS ALWAYS “this is not a quick fix, but over time a much better way to putt”I say this only because I am the only player in the world (that I know of) that has won over 100 amateur events, and has played in 5 Senior Majors putting this way. Forget about the performance, at any level if I had the yips with a short or longer putter, Side Saddle would be the way to go.

Putting is the key to playing good golf, you CANNOT score in this game unless you make putts, especially the short ones. So I have a decision to make, do I get into the Side Saddle putting business, develop a great putter and provide proper instruction to those that want to learn how to putt this way. I think the number one reason why more players do not try Side Saddle is they don’t want to be harassed by their friends about the crazy way they look while putting. This will last until you start filling up the bucket with putts made from everywhere, then they’ll all be asking you how they can get one of these putters.

So they question for you all is, would you ever switch to Side Saddle? it may happen where the first 50 people respond to this Blog that they want a FREE Side Saddle putter and instruction, then we’ll see where this goes. Those I’m discussing producing a putter with are passionate about seeing a paradigm shift in putting, and making Side Saddle an excepted and popular way to putt. Remember in Dave Peltz putting book, he writes that if e were to start a new player putting, he would have him putt Side Saddle to start.

2013 is upon us, this golf blog will try to give you some good information on the Side Saddle option and other short game techniques to improve you game. If this is good information, please share this with a friend and we’ll provide you all some good information on all these subjects going into 2013.






  1. Would love to try the side saddle!
    I strike the ball like a plus two and putt like a 12

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    Redmond Asset Management, LLC
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  2. I’m making the switch this year. I just found what I believe is the best head for side saddle putting…the Ping B90 that Rocco made famous. I found two on EBay and will cut them to length this week.

  3. Mr. Haag,

    On side saddle,
    1. Where do you buy one, we do not have them locally.
    2. Please give specs. like brand, length and anything else that is important to know before buying one.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Rod Gray

    • HI Rod,
      There are really very few Side Saddle putters for Sale. On Ebay you can occasionally find one. We are looking into making a Side Saddle putter and provide instruction as well.
      I use a 43″ STX putter made originally for side saddle putting. Keep in touch

      • Randy,

        Thank you for your reply. When do you propose to make side saddle putters?

        Roderick Gray

  4. Hi Randy,

    I would love to sign up if you have room. Dave Steckler, Meadow Club and Vintage Club, Indian Wells.

  5. Randy

    I am interested in the side saddle technique. I began putting with a long putter (broomstick style) about 3 years ago when I got the yips on 6″ to 2-3′ foot putts. With the long putter I have had decent success with the short putts but don’t putt nearly as well on the mid-range or longer ones. I am ready to put the long putter away and try something different and the side saddle style sounds intriguing.

    BTW – I met you a couple of years ago (you may not remember) at Mayacama at the State Team Championship. I was on the MT team and you and the California team had dinner with us at the Villa that Mark Mance had setup for us.


    Bill Dunn

  6. I have been toying with long/belly putters for years……..and using a “Almost Belly putter” (Cleveland) for sidesaddle for the past year or so. I am a bit frustrated as the lie angle is just not “right” and need something a bit more perpendicular. If you ever do come up with a sidesaddle specific putter – put me down for one!!!! Ron

  7. This style of putting interest me. I have taken a cheap long putter, cut it down a little, and re-gripped it. I’m not too comfortable with it but, it gives me something to practice with. Probably, I could use more instruction. 2013 might be the year to break out this style of putting

  8. I’m interested, and just picked up a long STX on ebay to give it a try. I live in Berkeley, and would LOVE to see how its done in person, if you ever do such a thing.

  9. Randy – Thanks for sharing your success. I am very interested in obtaining one of your putters, should you go that route. In the meantime, do you recommend a putter with a 90 degree lie angle? It seems to me that would be ideal for a straight back and through motion, but I am having trouble finding one. Others seem to be adapting long putters designed for a typical putting approach, but that seems sub-optimal unless I misunderstand the recommended stance and stroke. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated…

    • Steve, it is illegal to have a putter with a 90 degree lie angle. The rule is it must be at least 10 degree from perpendicular so 79.9 degrees lie angle. Also watch out for the sole. It is illegal to have a head that has a curved or tapered toe area that is intended to allow the putter to be at 90 degrees. Look this one up. It is tricky and based on intent. Thus, the broom putters are made at 79 degree lie angles and that is the best place to start as far as getting the most allowed from a legal lie angle.

      • Thanks, Jeff – I was not aware of this rule, which explains why I have not found what I have been looking for. I appreciate your help…

  10. I just converted a month ago (I used to use a long putter). Last two rounds have been under 30 putts and anything less than 6 feet feels as if it should be automatic (although I’ve missed a few). The USGA may have done me a HUGE favor by forcing me to side saddle putting…..

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