For those of you that have not played the Preserve before, it should be added to your bucket!! The whole Preserve is amazing a micro-climate well above the Carmel Valley floor, has spectacular vistas, and wildlife. The course is always in immaculate shape, and the whole event is a first class affair. The event is similar to the AT&T at Pebble where you have A & B players paired together for three rounds, then a cut to the final 20 and ties for the final round on Sunday.

After round one, my good friend and pal, David Nelson (new grandpa) has the lead with a very solid 68 for a three shot lead. For those of you that don’t know Dave, he is truly one of the nicest guys in the game, he won numerous Nevada State Amateurs, and has played in a US Open at Pebble Beach as an Amateur. Dave seems to like the Preserve, as he shot a course record 65 a few years back. What I enjoy about Dave is that we can each go over our round, and we genuinely are interested in the stories of the day, what went good, and what didn’t. For the most part nobody in golf wants to hear you whine or tell a story about how unlucky you were in your round. I’ve always said, you get what you deserve in golf, put the hard work in, and you won’t have all that bad luck. Just suck it up and realize this is a tough game, humbling, and will expose all of your weaknesses. If I end up not winning the Stocker Cup this year, I hope Dave does!!!

Oh my game, not much to mention other than my ball striking was very good, I hit 16 greens in regulation, one par five in two, and shot 75. Why?? Because despite the recent article on my side saddle putting in the WSJ, I have developed a major twitch with my putter, that I cannot shake. I am actually glad this will be the last event of the year as I need to figure out what has gone wrong. I will tell you that if you cannot putt, you cannot compete in this game regardless of how good you hit the ball.

I must admit that after witnessing game 6&7 of the NLCS at ATT Park, followed by the electric win in game one of the world series, the golf is not first and foremost on my mind. I won’t make any World Series predictions, but look at the scrappy Giants, given no chance to beat Cincinnati 3 games in a row, and then St Louis three in a row, and now 2 games up in the series, this is good stuff!!

I’m sitting here watching The Golf Channel, with Tiger playing, it just doesn’t seem like ten years ago when this guy was fun to watch, now he’s balding, and he will never catch Jack’s record of 18 Majors. All the Waffle House Girls in the world will not help Tiger reclaim the dominance he once had in the great game that we love. So in closing, I wish to wake up tomorrow without the Side Saddle twitch, I hope the SF Giants win game three on Saturday. And I’ll be back to report more on the 2012 Stocker Cup that Mr/ Nelson is leading by 3.


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