For those of you that didn’t see the full article, this is the link to the article that is in this Sat/Sun edition of the Journal page A14. This is compliments of the WSJ

More on Bandon Dunes next!


  1. Dear Randy,
    The article in the WSJ on your success with the sidesaddle putting style was highly interesting.
    I would have a question on the correct putter length. Assuming the stance you use, what would be an appropriate putter length for someone about 5’11”? When looking at some of the websites on this topic, they seem to recommend a length of about 50″ but the length in your video appears shorter?
    Thanks for your help and best regards

    • Thanks for your comment, my putter is the STX side saddle putter build for side saddle putting. It’s 44.5 inches long which is perfect for me. Good luck!!

      • Thanks for your prompt reply Randy. One more question to put your putter length in context – how tall are you?
        Thanks Ed

  2. hi Randy,
    i have tried side saddle and was ridiculed by my friends but i think it has brilliant potential.
    The article in the WSJ has given me the incentive to stick with it – my problem was exactly the one you desribe in the WSJ video, my left had was all over the place. i will try your suggeted grip.
    i also have the same question as Ed – i am 6’4”, what would be a resonable length putter for me and where can i get one like yours?
    thank you

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