Golf is a game, a revealing game that can expose all of your human tendencies, emotions and true character. Playing 18 holes of golf with someone can be as telling as any situation you may ever see a person in. The game can be triumphant, or brutal. it exposes all that is either good or bad in our lives. But this great game allows you to meet similar people that love the game, that love to compete, that love the fresh air and smell of the fresh turf, and the cool brisk breeze. All in all golf is the one sport that makes us all equal, it creates camaraderie, forges friendships, and exposes your weaknesses.

Over the past nine months I have had many changes in my life, changes that effected my priority for the pursuit of the best game I can play. I have stayed with this blog because of the number of people that have told me they have enjoyed reading about my experiences in the events I play, the coverage of the amateur tournaments and my course guides and insight. I have enjoyed writing this blog as a VERY amateur writer, but yet someone who loves and respects the game. But over the past nine months I’ve let my game slip to the point where I have not had the energy or enthusiasm to report to you my experiences thru the variety of great events I have been so fortunate to participate in. My poor performance over the summer has been a tough pill to swallow, but yet I have done very little to correct this spiral down until today.
Today I finally saw the green light, the light that said, quite feeling sad about your life and get your game back….compete, have the desire and drive to excel like once before. I can tell you all that I have never before fallen so far so fast as the past nine months, and those nine months include a victory in the Scratch Players Mid Amateur, a win in the Amateur Golf.com Diablo Amateur, making the cut in the British Senior Open at Turnberry, and a tie for 4th in the NCGA Stroke Play. To list all the failures would be too long and pointless.

I have never possessed the type of talent that requires little preparation, my game needs constant work and attention in the gym. This is a very hard game to maintain a high level of play if your heart is not fully engaged. Many of the top touring pros have experienced this volatility, even the #1 ranked player in the world, Rory has had his personal priorities take him on a journey.

After starting 2011/2012 with a huge lead for NCGA Player Of The Year, I will most likely finish third behind Michale Weaver (US AMATEUR RUNNER UP) and Ben Geyer (Runner up in the Cal state Am and NCGA Stroke play champion) besides Ben shot -10 to win both the Contra Costa Amateur and the Antioch City. Both of these young guys are better players than me, and are more deserving of the title. Even if I were to win with a victory in the NCGA Valley Amateur, I would still say that their year was more impressive than mine and deserving of the Player of the Year award. My motivation is not for awards or trophies, it’s for the competition. One week I can be playing against the seniors in the British Senior Open and the next week, I’m playing the college kids in the NCGA amateur. It’s a great and ageless game in many ways.

The goal now is to make up that 4-5 shots a round that I’ve lost, and get competitive again. Coming up events include the NCGA Valley Amateur, the Crump Cup at Pine Valley. The Olympic Club Championship, followed by the Trams Miss Two man at Bandon Dunes and the season ending event…The Stocker Cup (I am defending champion).

I have not done a very good job keeping you informed, I am committed to make this blog more interesting than ever, but help me with you comments and feedback.

A side note- my good pal Chip Lutz not only won the Silver Medal for low amateur in the British Senior Open, but also defended his British Senior Amateur title a week later. I doubt any player in history has had a start to amateur senior golf like Chip has winning probably over 50% of the events he has played. It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes deep or wins the US Mid Amatuer this year. Congrats to Chip!!!

Stay tuned for more thoughts, insight, and results.


  1. Randy, glad to hear you are re-committing both to your golf game and to your blog. I very much enjoy your honest appraisal of your own play, and the insights you share into the play of other great amateurs, young and old; it is also great to hear your observations about the different tracks you play.

    Good luck with both the game, the blog and your personal ‘regrouping’.

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