Turnberry’s Ailsa course starts with this short, but tough par four measuring only 350-360 yards. But player beware of the deep bunkers down both the right and left side of the fairway. I found this fairway to be only 18 yards wide. So the question you had to ask yourself “Am I feeling lucky” lucky enough to hit a shot down the middle and past these daunting bunkers. Based on the old pros who have played this awesome track many times before, the answer is simply NO, don’t take a one shot risk by hitting enough club to reach the fairway bunker down the right side at only 220 off the tee. I saw many 4 and 5 irons off this tee. FINALLY on day 4 I hit a 4 iron short of the right bunker, missed the green left due to a huge cross wind, poor chip and finally made a par on this hole. Four rounds on a 350 yard hole I played it 3 over. I guess that’s why I haven’t gotten a paycheck in the mail.

View down the 1st fairway
The very big 1st green

The second hole has a very tight looking fairway from the tee (the usual look here at Turnberry) this 428 yard hole can play significantly longer than this yardage with the wind coming either straight in on you or hard left to right. With bunkers right and left starting at about 265 out on the left and 275 on the right, I decided to hit a 3 metal in an attempt to find this very narrow fairway. I had success on 2 of the 4 days finding this fairway, but unfortunately i played this hole 3 over par like I did on #1. Its very difficult to start so poorly, as the tougher holes are up ahead. The very deep and daunting bunker on the right side of the opening to this green, was just waiting for shots to be poorly played to far right, not allowing enough movement from the strong left to right wind. The green is very deep here, but fairly flat.

hole 2
2nd shot into number one
50 yards short of #1

Tee shot on #2
2nd shot into #2




That’s it for tonight, obviously I have some free time on my hands after missing the cut in the NCGA Amateur after a FAT 80 at Spyglass on Tuesday. Stay tuned


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