Today is nerve fraying day for these guys, but remember the two cool customers you have at the top of the leaderboard. Both of these guys are calm under-fire. I met GMac last Sunday at Lake Merced CC for a golf outing that he was involved with. He actually came over to me and introduced himself. I was instantly impressed, and it seemed like he is a genuinely good guy. I’ve never met Jim Furyk, but saw him all week in the locker room going about his business, like he does on the course. Today watch how close he stands to the ball, and chokes down on the club, Beau Hossler also stands very close to the ball. When ever I struggle with my game, I always try to move closer to the ball which allows me to swing through my shots. Guys standing far away from the ball have less time to square their club face.

Who knows what will happen today, but it’s going to be exciting for sure!!!

Photo Gallery below courtesy of Steve Lewis of http://www.randyhaag.com

Charlie Wi hitting his second shot into #6 which green has been hit less than 20% by the best players in the world
Steve Stricker at 17 green
Poulter and Kuchar

Randy, Dustin and Bobby – the boys are back home((


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