2012 US OPEN AT THE OLYMPIC CLUB 3rd Round update

Well maybe I was dead wrong declaring Tiger the probable winner after 36 holes, clearly he is not going to win if he continues to play like he did today. The scoring was actually pretty good today as the greens were a little softer and slower, resulting in many under par scores.

I had a 50/50 chance of actually playing today as a marker if there was an uneven number of qualifiers, but unfortunately 72 players made the cut leaving me on the sidelines. What a thrill that would have been to play the course in these conditions. How was the course set up today, well actually quite easy considering the had the tees up again on 3, 7, 13,15, 17 these holes play quite a bit easier from these up tees. Now that Furyk and GMac are leading who knows what will happen tomorrow as both these guys have won a US OPEN, so experience will be on their side.

I think the USGA will finally use the back tee on the par threes, 3,13 and 15. This alone will add a degree of difficulty the players haven’t seen yet, and could play into the final outcome. I am not making any predictions about a winner tomorrow, as many guys in the field have a chance, all the way to the guys at +4 although it’s a long shot I believe.

The guys are also catching a lot of good lies in the rough, being up close inside the ropes I’d say 50% of the time the player is looking at a lie he can do something with, while the thick nasty lies are brutally tough.

So one more day and the perhaps we’ll have a new Open Champion unless we have an 18 hole playoff on Monday.

Stay tuned for final day coverage from the Olympic Club on another beautiful day in San Francisco.

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  1. Randy/Steve,

    I have enjoyed reading your comments and insight. Having played the Winged “O” several times with Steve, I know first hand what a unique landscape this course provides. It is without question at the top of the list of Open venues and I believe today will provide another exciting finish!

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