Posted by: randyhaaggolf | June 12, 2012


Today was yet another special day at the OC being able to watch some real bombers, along side Kuchar and Wittenberg who clearly are not bombers. Being so close to these guys when they were hitting shots was spectacular. Each player has his own unique tendencies and pre-shot routines. Gary Woodland stands over the ball in such a powerful position he looks like a linebacker. Matt Kuchar hit more cuts than draws, and Dustin Johnson flew the bunker on the 6th hole a 310 yard carry downwind. The real winner was the course today as it’s starting to show it’s teeth and my pre-tournament prediction of 3-6 under is not looking good with the expected winds that began to blow this afternoon.

The real truth is these guys missed a lot of fairways, and many times they had nothing. These fairways are narrow, fast, and have a lot of slope in them. Dustin will most likely only hit 3 drivers total, on holes 1, 11 and 16 from the back tee. Even on 17 he likes a 3 metal better to shape the shot in the fairway. He’ll hit a 3 iron off #2, 4 iron off #4 and 3 iron off 5 and 6 (unless 6 is downwind then he’ll hit his driver over the bunker. Even #7 the drivable par 4 he hit a 4 iron as the wind was blowing too strong to get to the green. The more he plays the course the less he’ll take off the tee. 3 metal off #9 #10 and even #12. Looking like a 3 iron off #14 and only driver from the back of 16 at the 670 yard marker. On 18 he hit a perfect 3 iron. The course is getting tougher and tomorrow I expect it to get another notch tougher as this wind is going to further dry out the greens and fairways. This is going to be a spectacular open to watch live at the course or on TV. On 17 you’ll see the most crazy action with a few eagle 3’s and probably some 8’s. The shaved off hill on the right is going to see a lot of action on 17 for sure!!

Check out these very different swings of some of the best players in the world!! STAY TUNED!!

Dustin Johnson hitting a 5 iron layup just short of 17 at the 2012 US Open.

Gary Woodland swinging his driver

Matt Kuchar swinging his driver


Randy Haag, Matt Kuchar, Gary Woodland and Dustin Johnson

Gary Woodland out of the bunker on 17 as we see if he can keep it on the green


  1. Hi Randy-
    Thanks for all the great “inside the ropes” looks at Olympic Club and our Open. I wanted to get my pick in for the US Open pool. I will take Matt Kuchar at 3 under par. Have a great week. Ready for the action to start!
    Leaf Sexton

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