I am sorry to report that I have been asked to take down my video description of the holes at the Olympic Lake that I previously posted. And unfortunately I will not be able to post the remainder of the holes with the video clips.

I will continue to give you a hole by hole description of how these holes will play during the Open, but I am going to wait and take some still pictures and video clips (if approved) during the practice rounds which will have the rough at tournament length that will enable me to better assess how this beauty will play during the Open!!


3 Comments on “US OPEN UPDATE

  1. Sorry to hear this Randy, as I was looking forward to the remainder of your videos. What possible reason have the USGA and/or Olympic Club got against this; essentially you are providing them free advertising?!

    • Unfortunately they don’t see it that way and the OC has specific rules on members using images of the course. I tried my best to give everyone a good look at what to expect in the Open, I’ll just need to wait now for the 11th when I have permission to start taking photos and start blogging again

  2. Bummer to hear that, thank you for the first 3. Hope we can see more in the future.

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