Perhaps this tough par three will play the most over par since #17 will be playing as a par 5. They key to this 229/247 yard downhill par three is gauging the wind properly. The prevailing left to right wind can be very strong once the ball gets over the top of the trees. If you put any cut on the shot the ball will slice badly to the right. Pulled shots never seem to get pushed back right, and the front of the green is only 11 yards wide. THIS IS A TOUGH HOLE!!!

I actually believe you’d be better off laying up on this hole when the pin is up front or in the back left, and to go long left when the pin is in the back right. This green is usually VERY firm, meaning a shot landing on the middle of the green will bound well over this fairly long green for Olympic standards. This is a key hole in the 1-6 stretch not to get to aggressive and avoid the possibility of making a double bogey here when you short side yourself.

The video clips are getting shorter, check it out and stayed tuned!!!


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  1. Randy:
    I look forward to your review of Olympic Club, however I’m having problems accessing the videos. Hope you can rectify.

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