First of all I want to thank those of you that take the time to still look at this golf blog. I readily admit that the last 6-7 months I have really dropped the ball here (for reasons I cannot openly discuss quite yet). HOWEVER if you are still here and reading these posts, I think the best is yet to come!!

The video clip attached may be a bit too long, but it gives you an idea of what you can expect from this blog over the coming weeks as we approach the start of the 2012 US OPEN at OC Lake!

On this site we are going to have a US OPEN pool, with  the winning pick and closest wining score to receive a round of golf for two at the Olympic Lake, including a caddy and lunch. You’ll be playing with Steve Lewis and I probably sometime in October when the weather and course conditions are ideal (valued at…priceless). All we  ask in return is for you to share with your friends and family this site if you feel that we are worthy of their attention.

This blog is NOT a commercial site, I have refused any and all advertising opportunities so I can basically say whatever I want, like it or now I will give you my honest thoughts, impressions and I’ll try my best to make this fun and entertaining for all.

Yesterday Steve Lewis and I spent 6 hours on the Lake course shooting video of 13 holes (5 left to go) so we can give you a look at how the course looks 16 days before the start of the 2012 Open. We will continue to bring you content from inside the ropes as we have Media passes to this years event to bring you live coverage from our perspective, should be fun and different than any other media coverage you’ll find..we shall see. And as always please provide you sweet and brutal comments, we’ll try to respond to all of them, and your questions!!

So topic number one – “what will be the winning score” history says around even par, but I say NO WAY!!! These guys and the equipment are so good now that even the narrow sloping fairways and small greens of the OC will not prevent these guys from shooting 3-6 in the RED. I’d take all bets on this if I was a gambler, but I suggest you bet your buddies the wining score will be UNDER PAR. I think you’d need REALLY bad weather to keep these guys from the red total. YES the course is VERY hard, especially the first 6 holes, but once you get past the 13th hole, all the players will have opportunities to get some lost strokes back. Keep in mind they’ll all have short irons (7 iron or less) into the last 5 holes. The BIG defense of the LAKE will be that Mr. Davis of the USGA moved all the fairways to maximize the slope, making hit fairways a challenge perhaps not seen in any previous open. As an example the 6th hole from 490 has the only fairway bunker out 295 yards off the tee, however a drive down the middle will take the slope and finish in the bunker that you will not be able to get a shot to the green. Where the bunker resides at 295-310 off the tee the fairway pinches down to 16 yards in width with a very steep slope from right to left, making that fairway really less than 10 yards wide for the player trying to get a mid to short iron into this firm green.

Every fairways has some significant slope, and these babies will be fast and firm. So the player that is visualizing and executing his tee shots BEST will have a tremendous advantage in this years open. The beauty of the Lake course is that you need to move the tee shots in both directions to be effective and avoid the rough. Missed fairways will equate to bogeys as these small and narrow greens are not user-friendly from the rough. The putting will be fair, but will reward the player that gets his shot onto the middle of the green and avoids the short side. WAY WAY more to come….please check out the opening video, followed by a hole by hole view and description of what WE think is going to happen out there on this amazing course! STAY TUNED AND TELL A FRIEND!!


  1. I’m pumped up about the Open coming back to Olympic! I’ll be volunteering as a marshal on Tue-Sat. Hopefully I’ll see you there Randy. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the course, I will definitely watch the whole video, thanks for putting it together and all your work on this blog.

  2. All of your videos are private. Can you please make the videos public so we all can watch them. Thanks

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