The grand stands are going in and the rough is getting high and nasty. This US Open will prove to be a true test of patience and taking your medicine while avoiding the double bogeys waiting on just about every hole. Over the next 6 weeks I will be providing course updates, thoughts and comments on how to play each shot on each hole during the open, and finally my personal quest to qualify for this historic event as the oldest amateur in history to play in a US Open.

Step one is the Local qualifier at Mayacama on May 15th where approx 90 players will attempt to grab one of the six spots (I guess). The local is the easier qualifier, the next stop would be Sectionals at Lake Merced where you’ll face PGA tour players, Nationwide players and  other top professionals and amateurs. Typically there are about 78 players for 4 spots at Lake Merced (My stats on that qualifier are not good at 0-12). But on any given day who knows what might happen, and with the open at the OC this year, I will have extra adrenaline pumping. Of course the reality of my chances are 50/50 at Mayacama where I recently won the Scratch Players Mid Am, and at Lake Merced in the sectional 1/25. So the odds are very long, but it’s why I play the game, do something that nobody, including myself ever thought I could do. My best example of this is not only playing in the last two British Senior Opens, but making the cut and taking the silver metal for low amateur. I will be feeding off these positive experiences to give this my final run at a spot in a US Open.

Today I will be taking some video of the Olympic Lake course to show you how it looks now, and how it will change over the next month. This weekend I’ll be covering the California Mid Amateur at Stevenson Ranch!


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  1. It was a great Open the last time Olympic hosted. The quickness of the greens were pretty crazy, and during the second round, the players had a lot of difficulty on 18, brutal pin placement. Guys hit it a lot further now than in ’98, will be interesting to see how the power game changes the course.

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