These are always my least favorite posts to this blog, after a nasty and ugly defeat in match play that was filled with drama and pain. Pain in the sense that it doesn’t feel good to lose, we all play to win and losing is just a by-product of winning. My fellow Olympian and good friend Andrew Biggadike put on a short game clinic today like I have never seen before (at least not against me in match play ever) to give you  a sense for how good he was today how about not making a bogey after missing 7 greens. He one putted every green on the back nine except #16 when the match was already his. Simply put, that is how you win in match play.

I dug my own grave by making some of the worst iron shots I can ever remember in competition. On #1 I hit a huge drive, had sand wedge left, chunked it short and made bogey while Andrew was getting up and down. Number 2 was the same, big drive down the middle, leaving a 7 iron in, which I pull hooked into the woods, bogey and lost hole. I cannot describe the rest of the terrible shots to follow until I found my swing on the 6th hole with a great drive and 7 iron to 8 feet for a birdie, followed by birdies on 9, 10, 15. But even though I was now even par for the day, Andrew was -3 and in control of the match with the 20 footer on 12 and the 40 footer he made on 14. It was his day and I wish Andrew the best of luck next weekend in the quarter finals. He may be the oldest player left at 32 years old!

I don’t even know half the players left, we have so many great young players in Northern California, and the City championship brings them all out to compete! The one player to beat is definitely Michael Weaver who beat be in the semi-finals in the Nor Cal Amateur last Aug. Michael has all the shots, a great short game and hits it a mile. With his experience I think he will be tough to beat.

This is a special event, and the NCGA volunteers and SF City committee should be heartily congratulated and thanked for their time and love for this historic amateur event.

Todays results below:


STay tuned

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